4 thoughts on “Bankruptcy of J Street on Goldstone, Iran Sanctions – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Good for you, Richard, for catching the nuances of this story. Last night I received Jeremy Ben Ami’s report on the J Street trip describing their problems, at the same time praising their position. I thought it was full of self congratulatory back patting. Meaningless. I have never been a fan of J Street ever since Ben Ami admitted to me that they consider themselves an integral part of the “Lobby”. Their dumping on Goldstone and continued pushing for a never-to-be two state solution only demonstrates their nullity. To me they are only a bit to the left of David Harris and AJC. I delete all of their solicitations.

  2. And yet another disappointment vis a vis Israel. One can only hope that exposure such as this of J Street hypocrisy – the answer to AIPAC, indeed – might force this organization into some honest self-examination, if indeed its founding grew from a true desire to save Israel from its so-far successful march toward a pariah statehood. These pronouncements of J Street that you have laid out remind me of yesterday’s outrageous letter pussyfooting about the torture lawyers. Oh, yes, they were really rather naughty, but they only demonstrated bad judgment. So much for reputation and accountability, whether Israeli or American. I guess now my contributions, of necessity tiny, intended for J Street will go instead to the New Israel Fund, apparently now detested by The Jerusalem Post, which alone redounds to NIF’s credit.

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