6 thoughts on “Limbaugh: Obama ‘Attack’ on Bankers Will Rankle Jewish ‘Money People,’ Guess Which Jewish Groups Sprang to His Defense? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I had to look up the John Hagee-Elie Wiesel connection before I could believe it. Is it possible for Elie Wiesel to sink any lower?

    In a way it makes sense for anti-Semites to be fans of hard-line Israel, as after all, they enjoy seeing Arabs being kept in their place.

    1. Elie Wiesel, Professional Holocaust Victim, is an unprincipled hypocrite. His much-touted “humanitarianism” is highly selective and one-sided, and is therefore not humanitarian whatsoever.

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    1. Gimme a break: It is idiotic to suggest that the percentage of Jews that are involved in banking is so large that it was them who turned the vote in Massachusetts against the Democrats. What a theory!

  3. You know the Zionists are desperate when they resort to sucking up to Rush Limbaugh. It’s like eating dog food while pronouncing the “pate” delicious.

  4. Wow, Limbaugh defends both bankers and Jews.

    What a scumbag.

    Just goes to remind you, whatever you think of Obama’s stance on Israel, the Republicans would be far worse and do absolutely zilch for Palestinian human rights.

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