4 thoughts on “The Beat Goes On: Dershowitz Slanders Me in Jerusalem Post Too, Ghouls Rejoice – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. you should press this hard now because you are so correct on the issue. turn it away from who republishes you – to why are the israelis giving fodder to their enemies by grandstanding for publicity with strangers far away when they should be making every humanitarian effort possible right next door – close to home – to try to turn enemies into friends, to try to make peace. there are plenty of relief workers from everywhere in the world in haiti, they are tripping over each other. you got a mobile hospital? good, go set it up in gaza. go help the poor next door. go turn the enemy into friend. we are not naive in saying this. we know it is complex, perhaps impossible. but does that mean you should take the path of no resistance to make yourselves a quick pr bonanza? and dershowitz has taken the lowest cheap shot at you/ yowza. lots of nazi and right wing sites cite my blog especially about geithner et al and their jewishness or lack thereof… that’s not an issue at all. dershowitz has sunk beneath his formerly lowest level

  2. Richard, when they resort to cheap shots and dirty fighting it only means that they have nothing of substance with which to launch a real argument.

  3. Interesting, isn’t it, how the not-inconsiderable contributions and efforts of Arab and Muslim countries, most of which are quite poor compared to Israel, managed to stay well under the radar. Interesting, isn’t it, that Arab and Muslim countries, including a few rich, and many more poor ones, simply did what they could to help without grandstanding, without wasting space and money on PR teams, and broadcasting equipment, without issuing major press alerts every time they sneezed, and, one suspects, without even thinking about trying to convince new mothers to name their babies in honour of them.

    And, of course, interesting that people assume that Arab and Muslim countries aren’t lifting a finger to help because they are simply helping those who need it without making it all about themselves. You see, Israelis, the Haiti earthquake and the various relief efforts, are about helping Haitians who need it desperately. It’s not about you.

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