13 thoughts on “Lieberman Shames Turkish Ambassador, Torpedoes Israel-Turkish Relations – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What an unbelievable story! And what a country Israel has become… Many people predicted that the occupation would ultimately destroy Israeli morality, and these last years the evidence of this really happening has become so clear that it is shocking. When you look at the modern Israeli leaders, you see people who are brutal, corrupt (some of rapists or harassers), and – as this incident shows – unbelievably vulgar and uncultured.

    As to the IDF and its supposed moral superiority: Do these politicians not know, or do they not care that people outside of Israel regard that particular claim as ridiculous and/or insulting to their own defense forces? What world do they live in? It is as if they are trying to lose the last sympathy of the world on purpose by irritating the hell out of everyone.

    Israel has basked in the warmth of an enormous public sympathy for years (this is a fact that applies to the entire western world). Now that this sympathy is fading, it is as if Israel is eager to believe that the world has ‘hated them anyway’ from the start, and so it doesn’t mind antagonizing the outside world even further. After all, anything is better than having to acknowledge that your own behavior may have anything to do with it…

    1. Here, here, Elizabeth. But don’t forget, they have had a good example to follow in their master’s footsteps; contemporary USA!

      1. Well…America elected Obama, who is certainly not vulgar and uncultured, so the American people seem to have wanted to mend their ways. It is true that the standard American claim that America is “the greatest nation on earth” regularly causes some rolling of eyes and shrugging of shoulders overseas, but you never get the impression that Americans say these things in order to intentionally antagonize the rest of the world. (It seems to be as if Americans do not realize that the rest of the world is listening, and might take offense. An insularity problem.)

        With many Israelis on the other hand, you get the impression that they are obsessed with world opinion, and if you do not agree that everything they do is justified, well then, all courtesy is out the window and you are accused of being irrational and an anti-Semite.

  2. Have other nations done such diplomatic humiliation tricks because of some tv-series or even when the relations between the countries were not good? I do not remember equal events in the past decades. Surely some countries’ diplomats might have arranged such seating stunts but nobody has been so stupid that they explain and brag about the “diplomatic message” to television crews. A world record in diplomatic (and general political) stupidity.

    If “we” are afraid of the “unstable” North Korean, Iranian etc regimes, shouldn’t we be thousand time more afraid of the obviously mentally unstable Israeli regime suffering from severe superiority complexes. If an aggressive nuclear power treats others like it did with Turkey, because they do not approve how Israeli Jews are portrayed in Turkish tv series, what are they ready to do when the diplomatic disagreements are based on real and serious issues?

  3. Every single thing about this incident is so stupid and ridiculous it makes me want to scream. Israeli government is creating such a big brouhaha over one of the crappiest Turkish TV shows (and trust me, that is saying something) and they do not have the slightest bit of concern about the 20 thousand Sephardim that we have here. I am pretty sure this is not the Ashkenazi intellectual superiority that I have been hearing about. So I believe Israel is deliberately trying to sabotage so that they can to ”pull the rug from underneath the feet of the Diaspora Jews”.

    1. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good TV show or not; the whole idea of a country’s government stomping its feet and slapping around another country’s diplomatic representative over a TV show is so ludicrous that wow, it just shows how paranoid and loopy Israel’s government has become. What a group of no-class bums using mafioso tactics to intimidate and castigate an ambassador, and at the same time, they whine, cry and lose all reason for any real or imagined slight. It seems the only language they prefer to speak, as evidenced by recent events in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, is gratuitous violence.

    1. A friend arrived by train at the Carslile railway station the day before yesterday – the 13th Jan. As he was about to board the train he had to wait a moment for the train manager to hand over a Jew, Orthodox it seems since he was all in black and wore a beard and a skulcap, to two waiting policeman. Apparently he had been very rude and nasty to a black man traveling in the same coach, so much so that the other passengers called the train manager who called ahead to have the police remove him from the train.

      As he was taken into custody by the two policeman he said, in a whiny tone, “Why does the whole World hate the Jews.?” !!!

  4. “Have other nations done such diplomatic humiliation tricks because of some tv-series”

    The turks made a blockbuster movie, starring American actors by the by, about a plot to harvest human organs from Iraqis.

    Americans were the bad guys in that movie.

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