24 thoughts on “IDF Trains Muslim-Hating Dogs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There is nothing racist about the undeniable fact that terrorists whimper Allah Akhbar immedieately before their cowardly attacks. The same can not be said for Hebrew prayers.

    Apparently, the Israeli’s have proven they fully understand an actual cause and are once more directly answering it with effective/immediate response measures…While bleeding heart, anonymous clowns whine politically correct suicidal sniveling.

    We can’t fix your stupidity but, we will ignore your cowardice rantings, child.

    1. terrorists whimper Allah Akhbar immedieately before their cowardly attacks

      And you know this how? Through personal experience??

      the Israeli’s [sic] have proven they fully understand an actual cause and are once more directly answering it with effective/immediate response measures

      Not so fast, the Israelis aren’t doing so well I’m afraid. After every war the enemy comes back as strong or stronger than before & there are less people (aside fr. yr right wing buddies) supporting her than before. It’s not working out so well.

    2. “The same can not be said for Hebrew prayers.” Really? What are all those IDF rabbi’s doing with the soldiers before the army attacks?

  2. “What impact do you think this story will have on recruitment for anti-Israel acts of violence?”

    Well, that’s of course all YOUR fault. If you librul geeks with your “reporting” and “truth” obsessions wouldn’t blurt out things like this, we could keep all of our drastic, but entirely justified methods nicely under the rug. 😉

  3. What is really depressing is the overwhelming number of approving and Arab and Muslim hating comments at the Haaretz site.

  4. Winghunter, you clearly know nothing about terrorist motives. If anything you’d know they pronounce there obedience to god and the prophet before killing themselves. You’ve proved you know nothing of substance about the arabic language or Islamic holy messages.

    Why are you even on this site you trash?

  5. I don’t know if everyone has the same advertisements showing up on the web-page, but I found the Pongo T-shirt advertisement that I see quite amusing in an ironic sense (seeing the subject of your article). It starts with:
    And then you can order T-shirts of the Oketz Unit “Oketz Unit in Hebrew is printed in the bottom of the print. Oketz is the Special Canine Unit.”
    The Givati brigade: “The unit has played a key role in combating Palestinian terrorists in recent years, particularly in the Gaza Strip.”
    Sniper T-shirt: “The T-shirt have a big logo on the back that says “You can run but you’ll only die tired” in English and in Hebrew, and small Israeli army sniper logo on the front.” (It looks like that famous picture from the Spanish civil war!)
    Duchifat Battalion: “Duchifat Battalion has been operating as a mechanized infantry battalion under the Armor Brigade, which carries out high-quality security operations in the area of JUDEA and SAMARIA” etc.

      1. That picture of the sniper unit is really incredible though: I swear it’s that Capa picture of a member of the Republican forces being shot by the forces of Franco. Whether set in scene or not (there apparently is debate about this); this is what this iconic picture stands for.
        I suppose they are just really ignorant, as I can’t image them really indentifying themselves with the Franco side…

  6. I have never seen so many vicious, blackhearted people in my life Wow, this one really brought out the sick trolls, Richard. “Winghunter,” go back under your slime-covered rock.

    I have never known anyone whimper “Allahu Akhbar,” since is it not a pronouncement to be “whimpered,” but is an acknowledgement of the greatness of God, spoken in Arabic. Shall we ridicule words and phrases spoken in Hebrew? Do we engage in such childishness unless we are so bankrupt of any other argument that it is all we can say?

    With people like you living there, I am becoming more and more confident that the “State of Israel” is on a downhill slide to failure as a state and a society. I feel absolutely sorry for you, that racist, hate-filled scum like you, Wingnut, are the descendants of the Jews who endured and prevailed over one of the worst genocides in history. How dare you show yourself to the world, you reveal yourself to be nothing but contemptible rubbish in the guise of a human being. I certainly hope Richard bans you, and lowlifes like you, from this blog. You are a disgrace.

  7. It is very insensitive to compare hunted Jewish minority with a Muslim majority: one of them wielded a knife at my chest after I bought oranges and left a store in Abu Tor (jerusalem)

    The more you cater your appeasementto Arabs the longer the conflict will continue

    So sad…

    1. This is the weakest attempt at pro-Israeli damage control I’ve seen in a long time. I’m guessing Hasbara haven’t issued a generic response for their minions to use for this type of I/P story…

    2. The conflict is not going to go on because Israel has lost all legitimacy, and everyone knows it.

      Copying the Nazi use of racist dogs is only one more nail in a coffin that was long ago sealed absolutely tightly.

  8. I suspect the author of the offending comment WAS banned.

    If so, that’s too bad really. People like Winghunter are necessary to convince normal human beings of the racism and psychosis inherent in the pro-Israel viewpoint.

  9. “What impact do you think this story will have on recruitment for anti-Israel acts of violence?”

    Hopefully, the response will be enormous.

    1. I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised, richard.

      Winghunter (aka Wingnutter) was not anyone to learn from. If you’re looking for Israeli psychosis, look no further than Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman, not to mention a whole boatload of them in the past 62 years.

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