12 thoughts on “Hebrew University: If One Wall is Good, Two Are Better – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Is there a Hebrew word for Uncle Tom ? Richard, quit being such a self-hating douche-bag and convert to Christianity already. You act like a goyim, it’s time you make it official.

    1. You act like a goyim

      I actually know enough about Judaism to know that you’re an am ha’aretz who doesn’t know that “goyim” is plural and the word you should have used was “goy.” Maybe you’re the one who should be leaving the faith? Or perhaps we belong to diff. faiths and yours is the faith of hate?

      1. Obviously he is not a Jew, he is just another troll trying to pick a fight. Besides, I don’t see what objecting to this wall has to do with being Jewish. In any case, the name-calling was completely out of line. “Self hating douche bag” is a silly epithet, and calling the blog host such a name ought to be cause to ban this person.

        1. I usually don’t even bother publishing most comments like that one & readers won’t even see ’em. But because of the obvious Jewish illiteracy I thought I should highlight the fact that the guy ironically wants me to convert but doesn’t know the most elemental thing about Judaism.

          1. I am grateful that you spare us most of these comments, but it makes me feel sick that you yourself have to look at them before throwing them out. Do not let it get to you!

          2. Yes, I figure that no one wants to see these comments (least of all me). But sometimes I post them if they’re esp. violent or noxious just for the sake of the historical record or to remind us of how despicable & hateful these people can be.

            The ridiculous thing about these people is that I give a quick glance at a comment & on reading the first repulsive word or phrase I immediately Spam it w/o even finishing. So even their effort to get a rise out of me is for naught.

  2. I’m sorry to rain on your blogging parade but as to the actual security concerns within the Hebrew University they are numerous and your baser instinct to look for blood in all actions of Israel is ridiculous and immature. The Hebrew University has a sizable population of Arab students, as well as liberal, an religious, and foreign. The village located at the foot of the campus is often part of a web of collaboration in hiding Arab citizens of Israel giving refuge to violent attackers after incidents within the Old City, or nearby neighborhoods with Jewish populations. Numerous Israeli Arabs from the village have been found with blood on their hands, stolen goods such as cars registered in Israel on their way through illegal tunnels are nearly impossible to retrieve once entering this semi-lawless village. The area has become a known nest of underground militancy and human trafficking between checkpoints. Read the news, it’s not so simple.

    Of nearly all the terror attacks within Israel over the past 2 years, the criminals responsible for attacking public buses killing children and women and for running down pedestrians, endanger countless innocent lives because of their inability to effect change in their world… they were all either directly from this village or had been sheltered there just prior to the incident. We aren’t talking about nation building, or trying parties that have carried out crimes against their fellow man. We’re talking about attacking highly populated areas to harm to most civilians possible for the express purpose of becoming a martyr.

    Is a wall a protective measure with appropriately thought out planning for how this creates a safe institution of learning and societal development, I do not know. You haven’t given any sort of forum to these important questions, just a gut-reaction that walls are bad? I agree that they often are, there is no doubt.

    But throwing out hate rhetoric based on the mere suggestion that an institution wishes to protect itself and it’s student body from harm is needless and only causes a greater rift in the world.

    Do you understand the sort of security measures taken for every single student to ensure that they have come to this institute of higher education to learn and contribute to their society and that they have not come in a desperate attempt to harm one another to glorify the sickening foreign interest with Middle Eastern blood?

    Grow up, the world is imperfect, the world isn’t black and white. Blogging safely outside of the realm of action doesn’t change the world. Building up meaningful measures to ensure mutual stability and security will.

    Long and short, a recommendation by a student leader is your basis for rant? I was Jr. High class president and called for a controversial “wacky hat fridays”… so what?

    1. I hardly know where to begin with the lies, distortions & omissions in yr comment. The first sign of the complete vacuousness of yr claims is that you provide no proof whatsoever. So why don’t you back to the drawing board & actually do some research & find credible media sources which support yr claims. Till then you’ve got gornisht, baby.

      Just take one fer instance:

      Of nearly all the terror attacks within Israel over the past 2 years, the criminals responsible…were all either directly from this village or had been sheltered there just prior to the incident.

      You’ll have to excuse me for gasping over the sheer megalomania of this lie. First there haven’t been very many terror attacks in Israel over the past 2 yrs. 2nd, the claim is utterly ridiculous on its face and I challenge you to prove it (once again).

      But here is some real information about the injustices, land theft & double dealing from which Issawiya has suffered over the decades. I wouldn’t bore yr pretty little head w. it. It would prove inconvenient to the fictive world you’ve created of Palestinian criminals digging in underground tunnels as they undermine the foundations of Israel:


      Al-Issawiya is a divided Palestinian village, part of which is in East Jerusalem, located three kilometers northeast of Jerusalem’s center. The village’s dominant harmulas (clans)—Darwish, Abu Hummous, and Aliyyan—can trace their village history back to the 16th century. Prior to 1948, the village was spread over 10,000 dunam, from modern-day Hadassah Hospital down to the Red Khan on the Jericho Road. Today, Issawiya straddles the Jerusalem border, sitting between Mt. Scopus, French Hill, numerous Jewish settlements, the Ring Road and two Israeli military outposts. It is a graphic example of Israel’s discriminatory land policies towards Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

      Immediately after the 1967 war, Israel divided the village by illegally annexing 3,000 dunam to the Municipality of Jerusalem while designating the other 7,000 dunam as outside of the city, including it as part of the occupied West Bank.

      In 1968, the Israeli government confiscated four hundred of the 3,000 East Jerusalem dunam of Issawiya to build the settlement known as Givat Shapira (French Hill). This settlement connected Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital, located on Mt. Scopus, with the rest of West Jerusalem. Additionally, the government recently designated 2,000 of the remaining dunam as “green areas” which are not zoned for legal building. The reality today is such that the 12,500 Palestinians who live in Issawiya, can legally only inhabit 600 dunam of their land.

      The 7,000 dunam fared no better. Today, this land has been designated by the Israeli government as Area C, which means it is under complete control of the Israeli military. Its residents have been physically separated from Issawiya’s remaining 3,000 dunam by the Ring Road, which was built to link Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem to each other and to West Jerusalem. Recently, a portion of the 7,000 dunam was illegally slated by the Municipality to be used for construction of the E1 settlement bloc. The development of this illegal settlement has been placed on hold due to international pressure.

      Now back to your garbage:

      Is a wall a protective measure with appropriately thought out planning for how this creates a safe institution of learning and societal development, I do not know.

      You don’t know much do you. A wall is a porous & ill-thought out measure that will do nothing to create a safe institution which hasn’t reported any terror incidents in years.

      …Walls are bad. I agree that they often are, there is no doubt.

      So what are you nattering on about if you agree with me?

      the sickening foreign interest with Middle Eastern blood?

      Now here I thought being the progressive individual you clearly are that you were talking about the IDF’s sickening proclivity for shedding that OTHER Middle Eastern blood: Arab.

      Building up meaningful measures to ensure mutual stability

      You just wrote that walls are a bad thing, & now turn around & call this ill-conceived lunatic idea a “meaningful measure.” Which is it?

      I was Jr. High class president and called for a controversial “wacky hat fridays”

      Sorry to see that yr intelligence hasn’t progressed very much fr. junior high school.

      1. I went into gales of speechless laughter after reading this comment, and I’m grateful that Richard so eloquently addressed the outrageous claims contained within it.

        How anyone can, with a straight face, make the assertion that building a wall is for the purpose of security is beyond my comprehension, and I hope also the comprehension of any decent human being. Most walls are actually constructed to physically divide two or more groups of people in an apartheid-like way, ensuring that the groups no longer see or interact with each other. Clearly, the wall that is the subject of this discussion is a case in point, and this commenter has illustrated my point all too clearly.

        I see more of the sludge that is racism moving throughout Israeli society, which simultaneously shakes its head in denial. Yesterday an Israeli actually said to me, “Palestinians should strive to be better, not bitter,” and the above comment, combined with this outrageous and condescending statement (which was accompanied by another statement saying that the Arabs should not “lash out” at the IDF) just took my breath away.

  3. all israelis are palestinians
    but not all palestinians are jews, some are gazans, some ramallahians, some jordanians

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