5 thoughts on “StandWithUs: On the Side of the [Financial] Angels – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Yes, I blogged about that very informative article. I’ve also surmised that Adelson certainly has the means and the will to support this type of activity. But we don’t have the smoking gun proving exactly who was behind it & of course Clarion remains mum.

  1. I found by chance your blog and I find it very nice,interesting and educational.I´m Argentine and Catholic and has an American friend very worried about Muslims and how the world is doing.And this entry made me wonder how many of those things she hears and reads are actually real.I´m amazed how many fanatics are out there, because I never knew of anyone in our country like that…until recently.I mean,even with our infamous history of antisemitism,we all actually live together since ever.Catholics,Jewishs and Muslims mingle without thinking which thing we are or not.I know there´s some people that don´t feel that way.There must be some anti-jew,some anti-goy and surely there must be anti-anything and everything out there.And we have that disgraceful people that are against anything Jewish and/or American in these last years in SouthAmerica and openly pro for Muslim terrorism.Terrorist themselves.But be sure that the vast majority of SouthAmericans are willing to see peace in the Middle East and all around the world.This nonsense hate must end one day.
    Thanks for what I´ve already read in your blog.

  2. I worked for Susan Wexner’s publishing company in the late 1990s. (She runs Bedrock Communications, which publishes several trade magazines on the event/convention/meeting industry.) First of all, she is not “hard right” or remotely conservative in the Ronald Reagan/Newt Gingrich/William F. Buckley/Glenn Beck sense of the term.

    She is quite liberal on most, if not all, political issues. The fact that she has contributed large sums of money to pro-Israel groups doesn’t make her conservative or right-wing. I don’t think Susan likes conservatives, and most conservatives wouldn’t have anything to do with her.

    Susan (whom I did not like as an employer) strikes me as being the same as many American Jews: liberal on many issues but very supportive of the Israeli government’s policies.

    She can donate her fortune to whomever she wants. You can criticize these donations. But I (as a conservative myself) think it’s wrong to pin a label on her that is inaccurate and does a disservice to authentic conservatives and authentic liberals.

    1. You think her contributing to far-right pro-settler groups qualifies her to be called liberal or whatever term you wish to associate her with? I’m sorry, I frankly don’t care what she thinks of conservatives (you’re talking about American conservatives, not Israeli btw). She’s a right winger in an Israeli context. She’s PEI (progressive except Israel), which means she’s NOT progressive no matter what you or she says.

      These groups are not “pro-Israel,” they are “pro settler” which is an entirely diff. thing. And you’re showing either yr own political allegiances or naivete not to know the diff.

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