4 thoughts on “New Alternet Piece on Toronto Film Festival and Counter-Attack Against Naomi Klein, Jane Fonda – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, really interesting item you put in there about Fonda fearing loss of financial support for her clinic. You don’t have to answer but boy am I curious, how did you find that out? That’s so low I can’t even find the right word for it. It’s not like they were giving Jane Fonda the money, it was for a charity she founded.

    Oh, never mind, I asked you too soon. Just saw it in the Huff piece. I can’t believe it, or rather I just can’t believe they would sink that low.

    “We are speaking out in support of Fonda because the truth must be known about her strong support for Israel, and we need to support G-CAPP not only for her, but also for the young women who need our help.‬

    This is what these low lifes were going to withdraw their funding from because of her signing the petition


    This is just beyond dreadful to put those young women at risk by withdrawing their support. I wish I could say more but my mouth feels like sawdust and my throat is tight with knowing how these BASTARDS would even consider blackmail like that.

    Funny thing is, three years ago, in a case I won’t mention, she hosted a cocktail party which she wanted to keep very low key in support of someone who she felt her support might harm if it were publicly known. No one asked her to handle herself in that manner, her support would have been welcome, but SHE chose to do it that way. It was almost like she thought if she went public she would be a kiss of death. That is in the back of my mind when I am seeing what is occurring in this case.

  2. I just discovered this yesterday:


    An article about how the Israeli government was threatening to pull support from an Israeli film festival in Paris, because the festival was going to prominently feature Udi Aloni’s film Forgiveness.

    Unlike the false allegations made about Aloni et al’s letter of protest, the Israeli government actually *was* blacklisting flims and directors. It looked from the article that Israel was on the verge of succeeding, but I couldn’t find out whether it did.

    Funny how I didn’t hear about it until yesterday.

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