11 thoughts on “Jewish Community Leaders Lie Down With Anti-Iranian Dog, Get Up With Fleas – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Interesting, but not surprising. The American Jewish community seems to be unusually given to lying down with dogs lately. Unfortunately this applies to that most local of all Jewish institutions, the Jewish federations. For the last number of years they’ve been sponsoring events at synagogues with people like Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, and a host of other Islamophobes. Their goal seems to be culture war but most of them just call for real war.

    The upside is that, with so many Jewish organizations doing this, it’s not necessary to be “self hating.” There are plenty of Jewish neocons to hate.

  2. The whole thing is so incredibly cynical – even more cynical than widespread American Jewish efforts to spotlight Darfur (which actually include some sincere humanitarian efforts): Look like you’re defending freedom and democracy, discredit an enemy of Israel, and further the campaign for military action against Iran. It’s too perfect – except for a couple of pesky bloggers who know how to do their homework. Thanks Richard.

  3. You are afraid of the “disastrous consequences” on taking on Iran’s oppressive regime. The truth is in the 1930s, the appeasers and isolationists wanted to avoid facing Hitler and only gave way after his aggression consumed millions of innocent lives. There can be no dialogue with a despotism. It must be isolated and yes – it must be subverted. History will record who was on the side of the mullahs and who was on the side of Iranians seeking their freedom.

    1. Didn’t you read who trained, armed and helped to power Idi Amin? Israel. Who sold weapons to Shah? Who made nukes with South Africa? No dialogue with despotism, hilarious isn’t it.

      If we watch the situation from the viewpoint who has the power and is ready for aggressions the “rabbis'” position resembles more that of the situation of Germans in the 30’s than the “mullahs”. Iran is a militarily weak relative underdeveloped country. Israel is an militarily strong, aggressive country with serious human rights and an overblown religious nationalism created by a propaganda machine of which Goebbels could have only dreamed.

    2. The truth is in the 1930s…

      Say no more. We’ve all seen this movie (produced by the Likud). We know how it ends (not well). Could you at least come up with a new argument. This one is just plain lame & unconvincing. It’s historically inapt. In fact, it misuses history for partisan political advantage.

      There can be no dialogue with a despotism. It must be isolated

      So you ARE in favor of BDS??!

      History will record who was on the side of the mullahs and who was on the side of Iranians seeking their freedom.

      History will also note who abused it & will consign them to a special place in Hell reserved for ideologues, demagogues & rightist haters.

    3. Among all the other things wrong with your statement is that Iran has no history of aggression going back nearly 300 years. To bad Israel and the U.S. can’t say the same.

        1. Alex Stein, providing a second party with arms or military equipment is not aggression, even if they are used for aggressive purposes. Further, Hamas’ firing rockets at Israeli civilians, is not aggressive, it is a reaction, however inappropriate, to Israel’s even more inappropriate aggressive and oppressive actions against Palestinian civilians.

          1. Shirin – please call me Alex.
            Does this mean you will object to people complaining about the US supplying Israel with military equipment?
            And does this mean you are – after all – acknowledging Iranian support of Hamas and Hizbollah?

          2. 1. All right, I will try to remember to call you Alex, if it bothers you for me to use your whole name.

            2. No, I will not object to people complaining about the U.S. supplying massive amounts of money and arms to Israel despite the fact that it is a violation of U.S. law to supply arms and equipment that are used for aggression, and against civilians. I WILL point out, however, that this does not make the U.S. an aggressor, nor does it suggest that the U.S. is an existential threat to those Israel chooses to attack.

            I have never denied that Iran provides some support to Hamas and Hezballah. What I have stated is that whatever support Iran provides to those two organizations is minor, and that in any case it does not justify a claim that Iran is a threat to Israel.


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