4 thoughts on “I.F. Stone: American Radical – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yes, Richard, I agree with you about I.F. Stone. My ripe old age has allowed me to be fortunate enough to have read him first hand in P.M. and other sources. I haven’t yet read Guttenplan’s book, but I have read Myra MacPherson’s magisterial “All Governments Lie, the life and times of rebel journalist I.F. Stone.” You should read that, too, if only for the section on Stone’s writings on, and relationship to, Israel. His attitude was akin to Einstein’s as brought out in another excellent new book: “Einstein on Israel and Zionism,” by Fred Jerome.

  2. Yeah that “all governments lie” quote is hugely influential. Stone did also have a newsletter that he circulated for a while that looked at deconstructing the official positions of the govt and which was popular in his time but unfortunately not financially viable. In the age of the blogopshere he would have thrived.

    More perhaps could be said on his complex relation with Zionism, since he seems to have moved from a fairly orthodox Labour Zionist position to a more critical one by the end of his life. Chomsky’s earlier work is full of arguments on what Stone said when; particularly during the 1948 war and the early years when he was an enthusiastic supporter of Labour Zionism and the establishment line in Israel.

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