3 thoughts on “McCain, Graham Clamor for Punishing Iran Sanctions – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The US and Israeli “democracy” demanding forces should be now careful. What do they say then when an equal process as we see in Iran starts (eventually they will) in Egypt, Saudi Arabia or other loyal Arab client state. Or in China. Not to mention Palestine, where people have very limited rights and possibilities even to demonstrate. Surely there could not be double standards for not liked states and liked states (even we know this hypocritical stand exists).

    Well we know that the US administration has never been very honest with their democracy, equality, civil rights etc demands. Much more important than those basic rights have been access to cheap raw materials and cheep labour besides lucrative weapon trades and markets. Control has been more important than the human rights in the target countries. US and Israeli necon circles would have no difficulties to tolerate a new Shah, who like his predecessor would not respect human rights or favour social equality.

  2. McCain and Graham must have a constituency which benefits from US policies adverse to the interests of the general public both at home and abroad. We need “regime change” in the US. Vote these people out!

  3. We did vote them out— we could have had McCain Palin.

    Did you see this pitiful interview of McCain?

    The usefulness of McCain and Graham’s neanderthal criticisms are that it gives Obama more opportunity to show the American people and the world how different he is from our previous and at a time when Ahmadinejad is just now saying there is no difference.

    Perhaps it needs to be spelled out again and again to those who can’t evolve passed “kick ass” that change has to come from within these countries, not imposed… as it did here.

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