14 thoughts on “Radical Settler Rabbi Bribes IDF Soldiers to Disobey Orders – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard-so you oppose soldiers who refuse to carry out orders. Several years ago, legendary Israel Air Force pilot Yiftach Spector called on pilots to refuse to carry out missions to bomb targets in Gaza-referring to the missions where they attempt to liquidate terrorist leaders. What do you think of that?

  2. @Bbar_kochba132: Either you or someone else has tried that route before here. It doesn’t work–the attempt to correlate the situations is specious. The settlements and Occupation are illegal under international law. Any soldier is on solid ground in refusing an order to carry out a targeted assassination in Gaza. Not to mention that targeted assassinations (if that’s what his mission was) are also in violation of international law.

    As for refusing to evict settlers from Hebron, the soldiers should be court-martialed. And if they took money for their mutinous behavior they should be jailed along with those who bribed them.

  3. First off, I love guys who feel the need to assign themselves handles depicting Jewish heros while in a virtual reality. It brings to the table those flaws and deficincies that are all too often the prevalent characteristics of they’re actual realities. As for me? Well you know. I’m a prick everywhere I go. ;-).

    Actually the differences between those who refuse an order on the basis of “Tohar Haneshek”(irregardless of how naieve and pollyanish that maybe)and those who would engage in mass mutiny are myriad and fundamental. Aside from the dicrepancy as to the numbers of contientous objectors vs. mutineers egged on by right wing seditionists (we’re talking a few hundred CO’s vs thousands of mutineers), the most obvious and essential difference would be that CO’s are answering to their principals, thereby showing the sort of morality that could only be a byproduct of analytical thought. An acceptance if you will, of the fact that your eyes aren’t lying to you. Whereas the mutineer is largely a product of outside agitators with an agenda. When they advertise the fact that they’re willing to fork over IS1,000.00 to every soldier who diobeys orders to evict, I would say the cat is out of the bag and they’ve pretty much forfeited the argument.

  4. It is worth mentioning that the Crown Heights leadership of Chabad Lubavitch have distanced themselves from Wolpe because of his messianism but not because of his incitement against Arabs or settlement activities. (In contrast Lev Leviev, who is equally anti-Arab and who sponsors settlement as well as terrorism against Palestinians is a Lubavitcher in good-standing).

    In general whether messianist or not, Chabad Lubavitch is playing a very dangerous game as I argue .

    In comparison with Neocon-Jabotinskian-Zionist thinking, Wolpe is not obviously extreme except that he bases his politics in some sort of occult mystical nationalism instead of ethnic fundamentalist nationalism.

  5. B”H
    Richard you joking, right?
    An Israeli pilot who refuses to bomb people who murder Israelis (or have others do it for them) is in your eyes moral while a soldier who refuses to throw out Jews from a house that they legally bought for almost a million dollars cash with the papers, video recording the sale and transfer of money and an audio of the Arab admitting to the sale later on is immoral?
    Even the judge who presided over the case that Badatz cited as presedent for their decision is reported to disagree with them saying that they have completely misinterpreted it.
    Close your eyes for moment and imagine that this house would have been bought by an Arab in a Jewish neighborhood with documentation and video and audio to prove it if the court would rule this way wouldn’t you and people like you be the 1st to cry out against the injustice and call for soldiers to disobey illegal orders offering awards to those who would do so?

  6. @Ariel: The signature on the deed is forged. Period. The Supreme Court confirmed this judgment. You can bring all the video & hocus pocus you wish to justify your naked oppression of the Palestinian inhabitants of the West Bank. But Israel’s judicial authorities threw out yr case. It wasn’t even a hard case for them. And it’s not the first time that extremist settlers have resorted to fraud to steal Palestinian land.

    So yes, any soldier who refused to evict settlers from this home deserves to be jailed for their mutinous behavior.

    imagine that this house would have been bought by an Arab in a Jewish neighborhood

    That, my friend, would be a legal impossibility. Arabs can’t buy a house in a Jewish neighborhood. They can’t even build on land that they DO own. But IF an Arab could buy a house in a Jewish neighborhood & for some strange reason resorted to forgining the signature on the deed, then yes, the transaction should be invalidated as it was in this case.

    Besides being a violation of international law, targeted assassinations very often kill innocent civilians, not just “people who murder Israelis.” That’s why refusing this order is entirely justified.

  7. For validity, the issue, legally, must examine the government’s policies which have encouraged Israeli settlements in territories historically Palestinian. Questions of de jure and de facto must be taken into account. Is there an unwritten agenda to encourage Israeli settlements in the captured lands?

    Israeli-American organizations are actually raising funds to permit and encourage the settlements in Hebron and elsewhere — “charitable” funds — so this is an issue with international implications.

    Calling for the assassination of government officials is tantamount to high treason in the USA and practically anywhere else. This case ought to be a lesson to those who would stoop to such — dare I say non-Jewish — depths of depravity. Still I would urge the Israeli government — and indeed all governments and peoples everywhere — to be lenient and understanding with those who have been misled into settling illegally anywhere.

    There is a huge class-action case here — I am sure lawyers are looking at how to bring it to realization. The case would state that ‘de facto’, Jews for a few generations now have been induced to settle on others’ private property. The case would be tried against the Israeli government and others who seek to perpetuate this immoral and illegal formula for Jewish disgrace and destruction. The existence and well-being of Israel is indeed at stake, but not in the way the most radical settler rabbis would have you believe.

    Richard Silverstein is to be commended on a balanced presentation here.

  8. @Ariel: Where I come from calling for the nation’s leader to be hung on the gallows is high treason. The only people who do that in the States are white supremacists & the like. I guess that means there are certain similarities bet. the good rabbi & U.S. neo-Nazis.

  9. B”H
    What he said that these leaders are guilty of treason and should be judged according to the laws of Israel by the israeli court and hung on the gallows according to the Israeli law (and he added that noone should G-d forbidf take law into his own hands) is no different than various groups calling to impeach Bush or cheney and have them tried and convicted of war crimes or the like.
    It is sad that an intelligent person like you is so blinded by his prejuidices that he can’t rationally analyze what the man said moreover R. Wolpe has been saying stuff like this for many years and always gets away with it as he is a smart man and makes sure to stay within the letter of the Israeli law while generating publicity for his ideas by having people like yourself provide him with millions of dollars of free advertising.
    Don’t you feel like a sucker for doing so?:-)
    R. Wolpe’s antics remind me of the ones of the mentor of the your lord and savior the Messiah Obama
    Saul David Alinsky

  10. Sometimes killing does save lives on both sides! Do you remember a couple of cities bombed named Hiroshima and Nagasaki?!? Many thousands of innocents were killed, but when all is said and done lives WERE saved on BOTH sides because it forced the Japanese to end the war.
    Do you remember a little incident called the Nuremburg trials where nazi soldiers proclaimed THEIR innocence because THEY were "just following orders". Was THAT a valid excuse for their atrocities?!? So, if an Israeli soldier refuses to follow orders that go against the Torah, and will harm the Jewish people whom he is SUPPOSED to be defending (or if a Rabbi encourages him to do so!) that is something to be commended!!!

    1. Actually the number of killed in Hiroshima & Nagasaki wasn't "many thousands" it was 500,000 in one city alone. The dropping of the atom bomb was not justified, period just as the murder of Mahmoud al Mabouh was not justified as his death will actually increase the number of dead on both sides–not lower it.

      Was it a valid excuse for Doron Almog & Dan Halutz to deliberately levelling a building they knew held Palestinian civilians including children in order to kill a single Palestinian militant?

      The Torah doesn't order an IDF soldier to do or not do anything. His right wing nationalist political views lead him to refuse such orders. Nice try.

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