11 thoughts on “Moshe Holtzberg Rescued – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I saw a home-video of Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife on the news the other day. They were good people. So warm and welcoming in their message…so painfully young. I pray for the little boy and his safety. It’s as if these people have no soul. How can you train or brainwash anyone to be so cruel…so devoid of anything even remotely human?

  2. Seeing any child in that kind of pain is devastating.

    I’m willing to bet that almost any parent can’t help but see their own babies in this little boy’s anguished face. It’s almost too painful to witness. But I will admit that out of all the graphic images we’ve seen over the last few days, this is the one that affects me the most – it makes the devastation hyperreal.

    My prayers go out to Moshe and his family, and the families of all the victims.

  3. How long must we endure these attacks? How many more young babies will be left motherless/fatherless? How sick and demented does one have to be to do this? Better yet, how many more of these pictures are required before the world realizes how evil Radical Islam really is. I hope the people who sponsersed this act of terror have the same evil brought into their family.

  4. I’ve been watching with horror the images from Mumbai over the last week. It’s been heart breaking for all the victims involved. It breaks my heart to think what horror little Moshe Holtzberg especially has gone through. Why did this happen to innocent people? I hope he can some how recover from this, but may take a very long time. I wish this little boy and his family my sincerest sympathy.

  5. Seeing Moshe at his parents funeral, crying for mommy and holding his little basketball broke my heart. Tears coming down my face. I wanted to reach into the TV and hold him myself. He reminds me of my baby son Nathan. I would do what any other dad would do and pick him up and hold him saying “it will be O.K.” May God richly bless Moshe and give strength & peace to the whole family. We love you Moshe!

  6. I wept for Moshe for 2 days and having terrible nightmares. Is there any way i can adopt him. We are Indian family settled in NewJersey, USA.

  7. i want to adopt him too. i dont want him to feel that he is an orphan…never in his life time.. what should i do?i want to adopt him..trying to reach jewesih centres to get his information..i am crying like anything for past 1 week for this baby boy…

  8. I never was a father as I married later in life. However, my wife had a son and and out of my step son’s marriage I have (2) beautiful grand sons, one of whom is Moshe’s age. I look at life diffently since becoming a Grandfather and feel Moshe’s pain as if he were my own. Moshe is in my thoughts and prayers.


  9. The first time I saw the video of Baby Moshe calling for “Ima, Ima” while holding his little basketball with one hand at the ceremony, it destroyed my heart into pieces and made me cry in tears. Up to this day I still cry for him. Just to think that he will no longer feel the warmth of his mother and father’s arms hugging and kissing him is desavtating. The love of the parents will never be substituted for anything in this life but Sandra the Nanny and his grand parents will do a great job in giving him all the love he needs.

    The nanny deserves the highest honor available in this universe for saving Baby Moshe. His parents are extremely proud of Sandra from Heaven.

    May God All Mighty give Baby Moshe, the Nanny, and the Grand Parents the strength and piece that they really need.

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