7 thoughts on “Beck Ditches CNN for Fox – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I watched the loathsome Beck’s interview with Keith Ellison.
    As Ellison mounted the stage, and Beck approached him to shake hands, Beck, said, “Really now, can’t you understand why if I would be nervous sitting next to a Muslim on a plane?”


    Yes Beck belongs on Fox News. I think really all of them belong 6 feet under.

    If I had to pick one reason for the rightward drift of our country, and the dumbing down of our population [and there are many factors] I put the onus on these right-wing radio and tv talk-show hosts.

  2. @ellen: Yes, I agree that they’re responsible for the coarsening of our culture. But they couldn’t succeed unless the traits & habits were already there within some of the viewers. It’s a nasty symbiotic thing…which came first the right wing media’s hate & ignorance or the audience’s??

  3. Woah!- silverstein- Ellen- you bunch of hypocrites! One of the pillars of our freedoms is the right to personal opinion- and just because it disagrees with your own does not make you a hater- reread your posts- YOU don’t sound very “tolerant” ( gag hack) to me! As for ingnorance, well, maybe you should really look deeply into obama’s history and present day connections, they are NOT what they seem. He is not being fair to his near and dear muslim partners by denying his ahem- his own words: “muslim faith.” He is a freakin’ chameleon! If you are____, then be who you are! Dont ride the fence. That’s all.

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