3 thoughts on “Rabbis, Muslim Leaders, Hollywood Star and L.A. Sheriff Condemn Clarion Fund’s Obsession and Third Jihad – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Please be careful, very careful, about backing Moslems. Fact is, it’s the only religion (presuming that evangelical Christianity is no longer violent) that calls for strict, diabolical treatment of non-believers, even unto death.

    Recently, I was in London. On the way out to the airport a very nice Somali chap and I were discussing various topics and I finally asked: “As a Moslem, why don’t more moderates such as yourself, speak out against extremism?”
    His answer: “Oh no. Then we’d suddenly have problems ourselves!”

    It’s not enough that they’ve intimidated their own but you now want to cuddle the beast to your breast, to bring them into the heart of sympathetic western civilization?

    Get a grip on yourself…

  2. @Peter Stark: Thank you for reminding us how little people like you know about Islam and how putrid and revolting yr views are. I’d suggest that you get a grip on yr own racism, but it’s really hopeless so I won’t even bother.

  3. hello every 1 …
    i am a muslim girl
    islam is not what most of people think
    here in syria there is about 10% or 13% christian or more and we are live togather as friends
    my best best best friend is christian and he is a male
    for example i a=do not waer hijad
    we are free if u want u can wear it if u dont so dont even if it is not that bad it is an islamic traditional that is all
    so islam is only thoughts and realtion with god so u do not have to treat any 1 based on his thoughts no we are all human
    many peoples convert the hates btween arab and islaiel to hates btween muslims and jwes no at all it is totaly poltic and any country can has a fight with any other
    i hope that u understand me well sorry for my bad english

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