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  1. UPDATE Richard, Snag Films has removed the dvd, SUPPOSEDLY at the request of the film maker, which wasn’t the deletion notice that was originally there which was “sorry we can’t find what you are looking for” which is still there if you link to “view more” on the front page of Snag
    Are we to believe that the Clarion fund suddenly didn’t want their film to be posted on the website owned by Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and his wife Jean Case? Well, methinks there was a bit of a conflict with the submission and the acceptance of the dvd to begin with. It was removed after my comments and an email I sent to the website. Here are the comments I left.

    Posted 10/15/08 by Robin on The Third Jihad

    I am more than willing to engage you as the CEO of SnagFilms who has chosen to feature this film. If you have checked the emails for submission of films, then you would see that I addressed an email to Jean Case who with her husband, Steve Case, are founders and supporters of this website and the Case Foundation

    Have you watched the film Rick? Because if you haven’t I suggest both you and Jean Case do so, in full length since you have chosen to host an abridged version here to be disseminated to blogs, Facebook, other websites by “snagging it”

    It starts out with the hostage/murder in the Russian school, note be taken, these were Muslims. It then gives the number of more than 30 “terrorist plots” uncovered before they could take place. It cherry picks the “Sears Tower plot”. Link to

    The film erroneously claims government victory when there has been NO government victory, only two mistrials and evidence to the contrary, that this was a government sting to CREATE a so called terrorist plot. Does this film say that? Not hardly, with dramatic music playing in the background it gives “proof” that Muslim bogey men are at large using this faux example.

    Last week Rick I attended a “premier” of the full length version of “The Third Jihad”. The “premier’ which I attended had been scheduled by members of Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT for America. The same Brigitte Gabriel who stated, “”The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arabic world is the difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s the difference between goodness and evil [applause]….and this is what we’re witnessing in the Arabic world, they have no soul! They are dead set on killing and destruction.” – Bridgette Gabriel, CUFI 2007.

    The audience as they let out made it abundantly clear that we are in a war with ISLAM which attempting to take over America. We must be hyper-vigilant against ALL Muslims.

    On Monday I came face to face with Gregory Ross, spokesman for the Clarion Fund, producers and disseminators of this film. After informing him of my experience I asked him if the Clarion Fund was willing to put on their website a public disclaimer that their film was not to be used in any fashion shape or form to spread hatred or distrust of Muslim Americans at large. He refused to do this Rick, instead stating to me that they cannot control how their film is used.

    What You’re Talking About
    Posted 10/15/08 by Robin on The Third Jihad

    In addition Rick, I find this film which has been chosen to be hosted here at complete cross purposes to Mrs. Case’s work with U.S.-Palestinian Partnership where CERTAINLY she works with Muslim Palestinians both in Palestine and here in the US. Just yesterday she attended a summit meeting for this organization with Condaleeza Rice who appointed her.

    In the full length version of this film Jasser gives a chart and claims that by the year (I believe 2100), Muslims will constitute 20% of the US population due to 1)Islam is the fastest growing faith in the US 2) their birthrate is higher.
    He has provided proof positive of what occurs when the Muslim population reaches 20% by showing Muslim riots in Europe where the population in some countries has reached that critical mass. He then states, “People say that Muslims in America are assimilated, I’m showing you proof that a large majority of them are not, it is only a matter of time before what has occurred in Europe occurs here” WITHOUT stating the fact that millions of Muslims live in Europe peacefully.

    Rick, is this the sort of scare tactic Mrs. Case would want to further? Especially in light of her work with Condaleeza Rice who is working til the last days of this administration to try to establish peace in Israel/Palestine (and Palestine is obviously majority Muslim)

    Mrs. Case was also a Bush appointee to President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation. President Bush himself has stated quite clearly that Muslim Americans are not to be scapegoated and has called PUBLICLY for full restraint in attacking or condemning them. Is not the purpose of this film, and those who are using it as their tool at complete cross purposes to his call?

    These are some questions I think need to be answered Rick, because anti-Muslim sentiments are at an all-time high in this election, and this website is offering the means by which to spread them.

    Thank you.

    So now it’s gone POOF, because Clarion has asked it to be removed until further notice. How gracious of them!

  2. Why no post about the PFLP’s threat to kill Avigdor Lieberman? Is it because you think that with his views, he brought it on himself?

  3. @Yoni: Do you think I’m Zeus on Mt Olympus? I can’t read yr mind, man. If a news item interests you why don’t you provide a link so people can judge what you’re talking about?

    As far as I’m concerned Lieberman is a filthy slime not much better than Meir Kahane. I don’t relish the idea of him being ‘offed’ by the PFLP or any other terror group. But if it happened it would be a case of “reaping what you sow.”

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