7 thoughts on “Cityscape – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. this is beyond great, Richard…this kid is gifted!! since I am new to your blog pls tell me his age and was he referencing a view or a photograph? what inspired this drawing? this is so detailed and specific…I think you have a budding architect on your hands…his sense of perspective, depth of field and structure is profound…have you contacted your local museum to see if they offer kids summer classes,perhaps? I am wowed..and I’ve been painting and drawing a lifetime but have never seen child’s drawing so meticulous and well designed…
    I could go on but best stop here..thanks for sharing Jonas work…

  2. You’ve given me such nachas! Jonah is 7 and a “natural” for art & drawing. He’s been building with Lego blocks for a few yrs already. You can see some of his creations here. Another friend who is an artist & saw this 3 dimensional cut out model said we should share his work w. professional artists/architects to make sure he gets the training he deserves. Thanks for confirming that.

    Yes, we enroll him in as many art classes as we can. He’s doing a lot of that this summer: pottery, world art, etc. His public school also has a good art program w. good teachers.

  3. Nachas!! mein gott in himmel!! you gots to be kidding!! seven? 7 yrs old? seven as in dog or people years?? he’s 49 right? the cut outs divine! he thinks dimentionally and in 3-D…he’s bound for great things…and how great that you have paid attention to this budding precocious genius…wow…yikes!! that is such beautiful news that you are feeding that child the arts…all sorts …will you have a separate place on this blog so that Jonah’s fans (moi) can go see his latest greatest? I’ve worked with children in trauma who did art to release their grief and have seen some great works, as in Palestine camps a few years back…so I am familar with the sorts of things that can be nurtured and created wiht some encouragement…Jonah is blessed…more when you can, pls?

  4. I agree with Miriam, your kid is definitely artistically gifted. It’s a great picture. The picture possesses a very strong, indivual aesthetic. I really get a sense of place, wonderful color, too, as well as composition. A work of art, what can you say. It makes me think of Seattle, even if it isn’t ‘supposed’ to be Seattle.

  5. Other than that little bit of trouble in William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies,” I find the expressions of children to the world around them quite an inspiration for optimism. The outlook they present is universal (or should be) and makes the demonization of anyone’s culture or children all the more obscene.

    I hope you pass along the praise and delight to your child for us, Richard.

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