12 thoughts on “J Street Launch Tomorrow – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Do you know what J Street’s URL is? I’d like to point some like-minded friends in their direction.

  2. I will now offend a lot of people with this comment – oh well.
    I have always felt that the support of AIPAC is very tribal in nature, an “us vs them” kind of thing.  The same sort of thing when black people in America defend one of their own from “the man”.

    But sometimes, one of their own is a drug dealer (it comes out) and so that support STOPS.
    Does no one in the American Jewish community see that AIPAC and their ilk are bad for Israel and its people – that it stands in the way of security, that it is for endless conflict, and does everything to keep it going?
    Does no one see that AIPAC is, even though it is “one of us”, a bad guy in this narrative?

  3. I think everyone wants peace but how can one negotiate peace when the Palestinian Leaders are not really in control of their ratical factions, which are the causes of the violence and terrorism.

  4. That’s very cute & very snarky. But it would be odd for an American Jewish political action committee to set up shop in Israel since it’s trying to influence U.S. policy.

    Interesting that Michal is trolling the web & publishing the same exact comment wherever she finds stories about J Street. Or is she a Giyus plant??

  5. I don’t think you understand the group’s mission. It isn’t to lobby within the Arab American community nor is it to impact the Palestinians. It is meant as an American Jewish lobby to impact U.S. policy toward the I-P conflict.

  6. The organisation has gentiles (token?), but Arabs seem to be deliberately excluded. Isn’t apartheid dead?
    J Street needs Arabs to put across their views. How could an organisation claim to promote peace, when nobody knows (perhaps they just assume) what the other side would accept as peace?

  7. Marko, you are right, these people would benefit greatly from hearing the Arab perspective. For example, they should listen to moderate Palestinians like this guy. [ed., link removed per comment rules]
    But no, they are not interested in doing that, because that would require them to face reality.

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