3 thoughts on “Gaza: How the Innocent Have Fallen – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Israel’s responce has been disproportionately soft, since their job is to bring an end to the rocket fire from Gaza into Israel and not to seek parity in casualties. The killing will end when Hamas decides it will end. There is absolutely no justification for them to fire rockets into Israel and it serves no purpose and Israel will not be intimadated by them. Unfortunately Hamas is prepared for the Palestinians to make a large sacrifice as they try to achieve their goals. As long as the price is low enough (for Hamas) Hamas will not stop attacking and since Israel will not surrender to Hamas it will find itself exacting a higher and higher price from the Palestinians. The only way I see the violence ending is if 1) The Hamas finds the price unbearable 2)Israel completely reestablished control of the Gaza strip 3)Israel surrenders. The option of a cease fire is to Israel’s disadvantage since it only gived hamas more time to rearm.

  2. Well a negotiation must take place.

    Perhaps a simlpe quid pro quo will work best:
    “Hamas will stop firing missiles into Israel (which land on many Israel-Arabs anyway) and Israel will stop the economic blockade of Gaza, while getting some guarantees that will prevent weapons’ smuggling into Gaza (perhaps UN troops).”

    Lets not make these issues more complicated than they are – if you detach yourself, you will see countries (not just Israel and Palestine here) as 5 year old bullies, nerds and geeks, making their cliques, having their 5 year old spats and arguments….

    Literally – its a kindergarten out there…

  3. The killing will end when Hamas decides it will end.

    The killing will end just as it did in Lebanon 1982 when Israeli civilians decide the suffering isn’t worth the price their gov’t backs down fr. its intransigence.

    The only way I see the violence ending is if…Israel surrenders.

    Negotiating a ceasefire is not surrender nor will it necessarily lead to further violence if Israel follows up by entering into final status negotiations w. the Palestinians to resolve the conflict fully.

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