5 thoughts on “Israel Pols and Policy Wonks Can Be Stupid Too – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. How do you know Egypt “hates” HAMAS? Yes, I know HAMAS is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood which is repressed in Egypt, but the general consensus here in Israel is that Egypt supports the HAMAS regime in Gaza, encouraged their massive acquisition of arms and acquiseced to their taking control of Gaza from Abbas’s people. Egypt has efficient security forces and so people could not move the tons of equipment, rockets, high explosives, etc, from the Sinai to the Gaza border without Egyptian approval. Egypt conducts formal relations with the HAMAS regime, sending Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman to meet with them frequently. Egypt is in a nice position..they receive billions of dollars per year in aid from the US as a reward for their “peace agreement” with Israel, yet they are able to maintain a war of attrition with Israel from Gaza by means of their HAMAS proxies.

  2. “But with both sides in the wrong on that score it’s hard to say which one is worse.”

    Not for much longer Richard:


    Seems Israels powers that be are legalising thier actions. So it will just be one side in the wrong , or according to this YNET article Israel cant be in the wrong as they are only now about to retaliate for rocket fire from Gaza and are only now possibly considering certain actions which they have already been using for years ..

  3. How do I know Egypt hates Hamas? Because any analyst who has ever commented on this subject accepts it as a given. All you have to do is Google “Hamas & Egypt” or any other variation on the phrase and read what comes up that applies to this subject. The relations bet. the two are tenuous at best. Egypt realizes it has to do a delicate balancing act. It wants to avoid outright fighting with Hamas. Also, there are many in Egypt who support both the Brotherhood & Hamas’ resistance to Israel. So it cannot act as Hamas’ enemy outright.

    the general consensus here in Israel is that Egypt supports the HAMAS regime in Gaza

    Whether or not you are correct, the truth is that the relationship is tremendously ambivalent.

  4. Egypt supports Hamas when it’s politically viable to do so, ie to appease the banned Muslim Brotherhood from a revolt. As much as Mubarak would want to be seen as a legitimate ally of the Palestinians by his Arab counterparts, everyone knows (especially people on the ground) knows he is in collusion with Israel and even helps strangle the Gaza Strip. The rhetoric is empty, similar to Israel’s “concessions” and offers for “peace”.

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