7 thoughts on “British Police Allowed Israeli General to Escape War Crimes Arrest – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Maybe the Brits should posthumously arrest their former Prime Minister Churchill…look at all the innocent German civilians he killed. Since they can’t do that, maybe they should just disinterr him.
    Richard, how the hell do you expect us here in Israel to fight a war against terrorism so that you can feel good about yourself as a Jew?

  2. That’s precisely the problem you face. You only understand the language & acts of war. You have no idea how to win the peace. You think you can go on fighting yr war on terror forever but give no thought to how you’ll ever stop the war. I don’t write this blog to feel good about myself. I write this blog to lobby for a reasonable, sensible approach to resolving the I-P conflict. And I do this on behalf of Israel with whose destiny I am intertwined. This may give you the willies but tough luck.

    If you can’t tell the diff. between Adolph Hitler & Imad Mugniyah then far be it fr. me to educate you.

  3. What exactly is the difference between Mughniya and Hitler, other than the fact that Mughniya doesn’t have the technological and industrial base at hand to commit mass murder the way Hitler did? Have you noted that a lot of Arabs, particularly Lebanese, but not only, hate him and HIZBULLAH?

  4. What exactly is the difference between Mughniya and Hitler,

    You left out a few things:
    1. Hitler led one of the most powerful states in the world at the time & Mugniyah was 2nd in command of a guerilla movement.
    2. Hitler’s publicly stated ideology was the eradicate all the Jews of Europe & he came close to doing so; along with almost taking over all of Europe in the process. Hezbollah’s aim is to liberate Lebanese land still held by Israel.

    There is a diff. between genocide and resistance though you’d like to obscure the distinction. The rest of us seem to get it though not you.

    Also, you seem to think that I admire Mugniyah & Hezbollah, which I do not. It’s Israel’s actions & policies in this case I oppose; & not that I support those of Hezbollah.

  5. Israel is not “occupying” any Lebanese territory. The UN confirmed that. But even if it was, is carrying on an endless terror war justified for this? You are always wanting Israel to talk, I am sure they would be glad to on this issue. HIZBULLAH has repeatedly said that they, like HAMAS do not recognize the right of Israel to exist and will fight to eradicate it. This is what they say.

  6. Israel is not “occupying” any Lebanese territory.

    Disingenuous. Israel occupies Shebaa Farms. You claim it isn’t Lebanese. Then it’s Syrian. Whatever the case, it’s occupied. Until it’s returned to its rightful Arab owner there will never be peace bet. either Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria & Israel.

    Re: carrying on a war for territory: that seems to one of the primary motives for many, if not most wars. This one is no exception.

    As for exterminationism–these groups are pragmatic enough to realize that some of their goals they can realize & some they can’t. And they most emphatically can’t now & never will be able to come close to realizing that goal, if it is one they really adhere to.

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