2 thoughts on “Hoenlein Disses Obama – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “I mean, my God, he’s even in favor of negotiating with the Iranians before bombing them to Kingdom Come. Have you ever heard of anything so audacious and threatening to Israeli interests?!”

    Yes I have heard that before.

    Before the American invasion of Iraq, all those who protested the war as dangerous to US interests were really acting against Israeli interests in the matter.

    Van Creveld wrote in his books that Israel, with its army in the 80’s, was the biggest threat to Israel. That, and the Scuds, with possible WMD weapons (poison gas). They had to be taken out by our favorite goyim country.

    Now Iran, due to its support of Hezbollah and more importantly, blatantly developing nuclear technology, is a grave danger to Israel. They have to be taken out.

    Look for the US to do its masters bidding once more.

  2. A bombing attack on Iran was war-gamed by the experts and reported by James Fallows-“Is Iran Next?”. The unintended consequences were horrific:
    closure of the Straits of Hormuz which would create sky high prices for oil and cause a world wide depression for which we would be blamed
    attacks by sympathetic Iraqi Shiites on our troops in Iraq
    attacks throughout the world on American interests

    Norman Podhoretz who in a 45 minute meeting with Bush and Cheney begged them to bomb Iran. Yet admitted that it would cause raging anti-Americanism throughout the Middle East and world.

    Does Israel, the neocons and the Israeli Lobby worry that Americans are beginning to become aware of their powerful influence for war with the Muslim World?

    Hopefully, Obama, if elected, will put American interests first.

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