7 thoughts on “Semifreddi’s Bakery – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, Your link has a few extra characters at the end that makes it come up with “page not found” . The bakery site looks wonderful. Yummm. Now I want some almond biscotte and I’m way too may miles away! Darn you, Richard!

  2. you know Rich we have our differences, God Knows, but at least you don’t sit in a dark room watching c-span on the possibility that somehow they’ll have a program that you can vaugely connect to the vast Jewish Cabal. Like our friend you know who. BTW, if your really from NY like you say you are you have to know that Ferrara’s bakery down in little Italy is the best Italian bakery there is.

  3. I just bought two loaves of Semifreddi’s for a birthday party we threw yesterday: the whole wheat levain and the ciabbatta (slipper bread, a white Italian loaf, kind of flat and misshapen but very tasty).

    Plugging personal friends’ products on the blog is one of my favorite ways to take a break from the usual round. Read the latest NY Review of Books on the Weblog – it’s a personal, chatty, insider’s forum, and mixing food and friends with politics is par for the course in a classic blog.

    Yay Semifreddi’s!

  4. You know Bill, you surprise me sometimes & very pleasantly I might add. I’m glad that while we disagree about things we both love good food. I do know Ferrara’s though I haven’t shopped there very often. I last lived in NYC before I really got into food.

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