8 thoughts on “Dershowitz to Dispense Advice in Forward’s Bintel Brief – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Ugh, what is Yiddish for “oy vey”

    Oh right: oy vey iz mir!

    I guess my question for the Dershbag is this: If Hezbollah sent warnings via “airmail” to their Israeli targets, would their rocket attacks be justified?

  2. Richard,
    Please tell me you are being humorous or are making a parody!

    The Forward will make themself a laughing stock. No person of normal human intelligence – no matter their ideology – can regard Dersh. as credible.

    The Forward is kowtowing to some right-wing ideology with this announcement. Wonder what’s going on in the inner sanctum.


  3. Richard, i am looking at this move in the context of the upcoming rosen/franklin and by proxy aipac trial, otherwise it doesnt make sense to me.

    mr dersh is a respected legal mind, not to me of course but nevertheless he must be recognized for his legal training.

    If you ever dug up his and malcom hoenleins speeches at herliya you will note that they expect the relationship between israel and the united states to take a turn for the worse in the coming years, these expectations seem to be based on the players from their community that played a major role in the runup to the iraq war fiasco.

    aipac will be implicated and besmirched if rosen and franklin get what they have coming to them…the revered professors opinions will be out there for the jewish community to read and be led by…

    first he will get his readers to believe that what rosen and franklin did happens every day in washington dc…..and he will taint this with the idea that if this goes on every day then the only reason for them being singled out must be an antisemitic cabal somewhere in the state dept…..popular support will be very important if this trial ever gets under way.

    dersh/hoenlein/aipac are aggressive and they will not back down…this new role for the revered proffesor must be seen in another context to be understood….otherwise why else would this man take on such a role.

    there is a rumor that they want the israeli spy pollard to be pardoned or released somehow someway…

  4. That graphic is great, thanks for the hearty chuckle!

    Richard, now there’s an imaginative suggestion to deal with this dark absurdity of Dersh being commissioned as a Forward columnist. Now I really do know I am horizontally parked across parallel universes.

    I’d ask him to elaborate about his infamous “degrees of civilianity” formulation and whether he could offer a mathematical basis for its calculation, I think some fun might be had with that.

  5. I’d ask him to elaborate about his infamous “degrees of civilianity” formulation and whether he could offer a mathematical basis for its calculation

    Jon Swift has already had some macabre “fun” on that score when he wrote this during the Lebanon war last summer:

    For example, on the sliding scale of tragedy that we might refer to, borrowing the title of another Dershowitz essay, as the “Arithmetic of Pain,” if terrorists are at 0.0 and babies are at 10.0, people from Lebanon would tend to fall below 5.0 while people from Israel would tend to fall above 5.0. So when the media says, for example, that a family of three Israelis died in a Hezbollah rocket attack in Haifa and a family of three Lebanese died in an air raid in Southern Lebanon, we are not getting the full picture. But if the media reported instead that a 9.2, a 7.3 and a 9.4 died in Haifa and a 3.7, a 4.1 and a 10.0 died in Southern Lebanon, wouldn’t that give a more accurate, a more human picture of what really happened? Then all that you would have to do is average out the figures and you would see that the Haifa attack was an 8.6 in the “Arithmetic of Pain,” while the deaths in Southern Lebanon rated only a 5.9.

    I got this from Sadly,No’s brilliant post. I spent an hr. following all the links he brought to bear regarding Dershowitz in that post & it was an incredible treasure trove of damaging material.

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