3 thoughts on “Bishara Resigns from Knesset, So the Legend Begins – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. He has failed his people.

    He was a classical proxi for the outside inciters:

    Hizbollah, Assad, and the Inferior leaders of Iran.

    The real leader of the Arab minority will control his anger and will display an uninterrupted personal integrity to raise the Arab minority in to a constructive enlightened behavior mode.

    The same would be welcome on the Jewish Israeli side, too.

    Intellectual innovators and not status quo needed.

  2. To say “I would’ve embraced prison” sounds a bit glib coming from an armchair commentator enjoying the comfort of Washington State. Bishara had a kidney transplant as a result of which he has an ongoing need for medication. He has good reason to wonder whether he might end up dying in an Israeli prison. There’s a world of difference between being willing to die for what one believes in, and suggesting that someone else should be willing to die for what they believe in.

    To refer to Bishara as self-exiled seems premature. Having said, “I will choose the timing of my return by myself,” it seems clear that Bishara still entertains the idea of returning to Israel.

    If the Israeli authorities really had information that would destroy Bishara’s reputation, I have little doubt that the smear campaign would already be in full swing. What in fact we seem to be witnessing is a crude campaign of political repression. If that is the case and Israel is intent on silencing Bishara, he is probably well-advised to delay his return until such a day that Israel’s political establishment is no longer mired in corruption.

  3. Paul: Those are reasonable points. But I have been writing about this for over a week & I have made clear that I fully understand Bishara’s reasons for taking the actions he has done. I have written that a prison sentence is a high price to pay & that I wouldn’t fault him for avoiding it. I know about his medical condition. The statement I made was only one made for myself–what I would do if I were him. I know I’m not & don’t criticize him for doing things differently.

    I would only say that he is NOW exiled, not that he is permanently exiled. As Bishara himself said he can choose the mode, method & date of his return. I look forward to that happening.

    I agree with you that it is likely this is a campaign of persecution that has no better evidence against Bishara than previous investigations against him.

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