8 thoughts on “Jewish Gun Nuts and Wingnuts – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Jewish gun nuts. Wow. that’s worthy of Jules Feifer.

    Did you see “Little Murders,” by any chance? With Elliott Gould? Doesn’t he wind up at the end shooting randomly at passersby from his Manhattan apartment?

  2. I do remember “Little Murders”, from around 1971.

    Maybe the phenomenon of Jewish gunnuttery is an example of how assimilated Jewish Americans are. I live in China, teaching English, and I can tell you no one wants guns. The rare mass murderers are satisfied with poison or explosives.

  3. Zhu Bajie: Welcome to my blog. You may be the first commenter here from China if you’re from the mainland. I think an American has commented here before fr. Taiwan though.

    The followers of this group are a VERY distinct minority among American Jews. That’s why I find the notion of the group so outlandish. They’re based in Harford, Wisconsin, not exactly a hotbed of Jewish communal life. There have been a few Jewish serial killers though I’m sorry to say like Son of Sam-David Berkowitz.

    I think you’ve got ‘Little Murders’ pegged about right. 1971 sounds right.

  4. A better idea would be for appropriately screened teachers and maybe student monitors to carry weapons.

    This is the gist of Cockburn’s idea. Sorry, I don’t buy it for one minute. For one, most faculty wouldn’t want to have the responsibility to carry or even have access to a firearm on campus. How many faculty do you know (or remember fr. yr college days) who had weapons or knew how to shoot them or would’ve wanted such a heavy responsibility?

    Second, there already are people on campus who carry weapons: campus police. The fact that the police screwed up their efforts to prevent death during this massacre–they even had to wait 5 minutes after they realized the gunmen was killing people in Norris Hall because they didn’t bring boltcutters w. them–means they need to do their jobs better. Besides as I wrote in my post how are the police going to be able to tell who is a faculty shooter & who the suspected gunman if both have weapons & are shooting at ea. other?

    I have a lot of respect for you, Mobius (less for Cockburn), but this is a lame-o idea.

    Gun control will eventually happen in this country just as peace will come to the ME. It will take time in both cases. But the insanity of conditions here & the ME will force people to come to their senses on both counts.

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