12 thoughts on “Liviu Librescu (1930-2007), May His Memory Be for a Blessing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Who am I to second guess G-d, but some might say G-d allowed him survive Hitler so that he could save the lives of the students he saved on Monday. Not just the students lives, but his actions and his story will now serve to inspire countless people. Its hard to ever find comfort in death, but at least we could try in his case. What a hero!

  2. Truly a sad crime where so many precious lives were extinguished and taken from their loved ones.
    what this man did was HEROIC and impacting in the lives of those that were saved due to his selfless sacrifice.

    Life is cruel, oh so very cruel. God must play dice with the world contrary to what Einstein said.

    a man chooses to do what he chooses to do and does it despite Gods will. The parents of a child who decides to murder his fellow students then take his own like would certaily wish for their child not to entertain such thoughts , but the decission belongs to their child and not to them. Similarly GOD wishes for man to turn to HIM, but man like a rebeliious child refuses to lay down his will and seek wisdom. The will of man can take whichever way they choose, GOD does not force a man turn to HIM, but he does call him with words of wisdom.

    life with rebelliious man is cruel, GOD must certainly wish that men stop playing dice with their life and turn to HIM.

  3. We must begin to understand that mental illnesses are as serious a disease as Cancer or AIDS, and so on. This young man was obviously very sick – and our system is ill-equipped to deal with this problem – even when there were such obvious warning signs and a teacher who bent over backwards trying to get him that help…

    But getting back to the main topic of this post – Prof Librescu was an amazing and heroic man. I feel that my life was enriched just hearing about him. May his memory shine a positive light on such a dark hour. Clearly someone who was trying to Heal the World.

  4. Im sure if Mr Cho massacred 32 students at Hebrew University, many pundits would say that he was a naive 23 year old who was trying to make the world better

  5. Many good men asking G-D need a reading from Spinoza, Kant……

    Liviu became a hero because he was unlucky. A hero, a good impulse, and an unlucky man. Killed by a sick student. He fought back, and his sacrifice has to be remembered for eternity.

    Young and old, if mentally ill, needs treatment.

    Families, who have a mentally ill member must seek treatment, and the psychological profession must rise to the challenge. Reasonably priced medications must be available to reduce the risk of such a tragedy.

    1. We need to set up a monument in the memory of Liviu
    2. We need mass demonstrations to express our support and sympathy to the families and friends of the victims.

  6. Richard, whether he was mentally ill or terribly angry i do not know. I do know that he also got admitted to a university and he may have been checked out by some mental health facility at the university, shall we have stricter laws on admittance to universities, maybe some mental health exams, although i suspect the wiley mental cases might learn how to make themselves appear sane on any questionaire. We dont need more laws in this already too legalistic society, what we need is to teach morality and respect for human life along with a sense of decency, but that might encroach on personal choice.

    a few years ago a student chose to drive his vehicle into a gathering of students, and although i cant site a particular incident knives are also be used to commit mass murder by an angry, possibly disenfranchised individual, or a mentally disturbed student that got past the stringent university mental health entrance exams.

    cars, guns, knives..universities..they are not to be blamed for killings.

  7. Im sure if Mr Cho massacred 32 students at Hebrew University, many pundits would say that he was a naive 23 year old who was trying to make the world better

    You really know to how to commemorate a tragedy with class, Marvin.

  8. By dying in an act of Kiddush Hashem, this man has secured his part in haOlam haBa. May his memory – and the memory of others killed in this tragically very preventable crime – be for a blessing among all of us, forever. Amen, Selah.

  9. Yes, it was Kiddush HaShem. Thanks for making that connection. I hadn’t thought of it in that context, but of course you’re right. The highest form of Jewish self-sacrifice.

    This reminds me of the Midrash we read on Yom Kippur about Rabbi Ben Baba who was ordaining his rabbinical students secretly because such an act was done on pain of death. When the Romans came upon themk, Ben Baba stood up and faced them down. They killed him, piercing his body multiple times with their spears. Thus he allowed his students to escape and carry on his teachings. I hope some of these saved students will do the same for the memory and legacy of Professor Librescu.

  10. I was touched by the story of Professor Librescu. He was born in the same year as my late father, whose life was so different in many ways, but who also was unreservedly committed to his students. What heroism and self-sacrifice Prof. Librescu showed. The irony of surviving the Holocaust, surviving Ceaucescu, to make a new life for himself in his old age, only to die this way… too much.

    May he rest in peace. I am very sad for his family.

  11. Steve,

    Please contact me about a memorial to Professor Librescu. I am a student at Harvard University and think that the money could be raised. My email is mschor at fas.harvard dot edu

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