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  1. Isn’t putting one’s IP up a little too far? Especially considering that it’s likely connected with the school network…

  2. If Plaut weren’t a serial harasser who’s been doing this for years to perhaps hundreds of people I wouldn’t do this. I displayed his IP address to make it easier for others reading this who may also have been harassed by him to identify his e mails.

  3. I would like to solicit you and your readers to get this vile racist website radioislam.org taken down. My inquiries have not been answered, but if they get bombarded, they might take action. The continued existence of this website may be intimidating for moderate Muslims too


    Here is info below

    According to the website the guy who runs it is supposed to be based in Sweden but the website seems to be hosted in the US.

    Domain ID:D799230-LROR
    Domain Name:RADIOISLAM.ORG
    Created On:20-Nov-1997 05:00:00 UTC
    Last Updated On:23-Oct-2004 08:54:27 UTC
    Expiration Date:19-Nov-2010 05:00:00 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC (R63-LROR)
    Registrant ID:25026546-NSI
    Registrant Organization:LARISA-REINOLDS DMITRIEVNA
    Registrant Street1:Malaia Podiacheskaia Street,
    Registrant Street2:House 8 , Apt 7
    Registrant City:St Peterburg
    Registrant Postal Code:190068
    Registrant Country:RU
    Registrant Email:abbccom@HOTMAIL.COM
    Admin ID:26358297-NSI
    Admin Name:Mohamed William
    Admin Organization:American Islam Society
    Admin Street1:PO Box 81 475
    Admin City:Chicago
    Admin State/Province:IL
    Admin Postal Code:60681
    Admin Country:US
    Admin Phone:+1.8183687937
    Admin Phone Ext.:
    Admin Email:abbccom@HOTMAIL.COM
    Tech ID:15361579-NSI
    Tech Name:Clever Computers, Inc.
    Tech Organization:Clever Computers, Inc.
    Tech Street1:18 PERIMETER PARK DR STE 111
    Tech City:ATLANTA
    Tech State/Province:GA
    Tech Postal Code:30341-1325
    Tech Country:US
    Tech Phone:+1.77045207
    Tech Email:webmaster@CLEVER.NET

    IP address:
    Reverse DNS: client.covesoft.net.
    Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified]
    ASN: 14361
    IP range connectivity: 2
    Registrar (per ASN): ARIN
    Country (per IP registrar): US [United States]
    Country Currency: USD [United States Dollars]
    Country IP Range: to
    Country fraud profile: Normal
    City (per outside source): Washington, District Of Columbia
    Country (per outside source): US [United States]
    Private (internal) IP? No
    IP address registrar: whois.arin.net
    Known Proxy? No
    Link for WHOIS:

  4. What is your evidence that either Plaut or Neuwirth are Kahanists? They could take you to court if the accusation isn’t true.

  5. They could take you to court if the accusation isn’t true.

    Nothing would make me happier. Actually, there are other things that would make me happier. But I’d welcome the opportunity to make the mainstream Jewish community more familiar with the hate they spew. That would get some terrific coverage in JTA, The Forward, Jewish Week, Haaretz, and maybe even the NY Times.

    How familiar are you with the views of Meir Kahane and the respective websites of Plaut and Neuwirth? Any fair minded person spending time there will note the similarities. They have every right to reply to here to my contention if they wish to attempt to disprove what I’ve written. So far, they haven’t.

  6. Melvin: Provide contact info for who you’d like people to contact to complain about the site so people will have a better idea of how to register their complaint properly. E mail address, company name, phone #, etc.

  7. If being accused of being a Kahanist is such a dreadful thing, then those so accused are likely to proudly concede.

    Most people have said things that contradict other things they’ve said.

    Ed Koch is known to have said he thinks anyone who agrees with 100% of what he said is not normal, and that he himself doesn’t currently agree with 100% of what he’s said.

    In short: the statement “I don’t hate Arabs, I just love Jews more” can mean different things to different people.
    Agreeing need not make one a Kahanist, yet it happens to be a statement of the late Rabbi, said publicly in Brooklyn,NY

    Like Ed Koch – and the two may have had a hard time over whether it’s day or night – one can agree with little, some, or even much of what has been said by the late Rabbi, without necessarily being a “Kahanist.”

    If you choose to post this, you may change the “NAME” to BROOKLYN RESIDENT, which is how I heard the late Rabbi speak at a synagogue the year he was murdered.

  8. “I don’t hate Arabs, I just love Jews more” can mean different things to different people.
    Agreeing need not make one a Kahanist, yet it happens to be a statement of the late Rabbi, said publicly in Brooklyn,NY

    I have no doubt that Kahane, like every racist before & after him, has said he doesn’t hate the race he detests. In fact, precisely the same statements were made by white supremacists in the South. For all I know Hitler could’ve said the same thing about Jews and Germans.

    But those who are not racists & hear these words fr. those like Kahane can see through the delusion that prevents the racists fr. seeing their race hatred.

    But I do have to give you credit for not cursing me or wishing a terrible fate on me as so many other Kahanists have done in attempting to publish comments to this blog.

  9. I challenge your statement. HaRav Meir Kahane, HY”D, was not a racist. He never spoke about Arabs on a racial basis. And his manifest love for the Jews was based on the Torah’s command to love your fellow Jew. Ahavat Yisrael, for starters, is not and cannot be honestly classified as racism.
    Furthermore, and without any resort to insult — that you paranoically assume you’d be receiving by now — and can’t help but notice that you live on your own pedestal, feeling very self-righteous about the ideas you defend. But you do not realize in the slightest that you’re guilty of the very things you accuse others of being.
    Well, may be not racist, but you’re certainly extremely biased.
    People like Tanya Reinhart harbor an unbeliavable hatred toward their fellow Jews. As a matter of fact, when Jews got beaten up in Amona, and Jew confronted Jew in an ugly battle, Tanya Reinhart manifested her happiness. Adding insult to injury — literaly so! — she added that the settlers must “bow down to the will of the mayority”, and completely discounted the great sacrifice of an entire generation of Jews in redeeming the territories occupied and illegally annexed by the Jordanian Arabs during the 1948-1967 period.
    So, if you notice resentment toward Reinhart and her nefast legacy, before passing judgement on it, ask yourself why. And don’t try to hide away behind convenient, yet completely inacurate labels.
    One more thing: keep to yourself that nonsense you wrote to me about “your G-d” and “my G-d”. The most holy prayer and tenant of Judaism, the Shema, clearly states that the G-d of all Israel is ONE.

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