2 thoughts on “Joel Beinin Disinvited from School Speaking Engagement After Silicon Valley JCRC Protests – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Infighting among Jews caused the destruction of the second temple. I am afraid that the demonization of the right by the left (see article above) means that Jews have forgotten who their enemies are. During the withdrawal from the Gaza (not for peace, not for negotiation, but most likely for amelioration of corruption charges against Sharon and his sons) Jews faced a stronger force than Hizbollah did the following summer. Yet those Gaza Jews peacefully and honorably left their homes in accordance with Israeli law. These wandering Jews, many of them, are homeless. However, peace seems further away than ever. The Likud is not the enemy. What the liberal Left is doing to them is horrible.

  2. NIce to hear from pro-settler ideologues (is there such a thing as a theologue?). And if you don’t think that right wing Jews demonize those on the left you’re a luftmensch living somewhere up there in the clouds.

    You won’t find much sympathy here for the ‘poor wandering’ settler Jews. They were compensated handsomely to move from Gaza.

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