4 thoughts on “Israeli Foreign Ministry Smears Combatant for Peace U.S. Tour as ‘Bankrolled by Palestinians’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As a former journalist who wrote from Israel/West Bank in the 1980s and who like everyone who criticizes Israel’s occupation had my share of smearing both in Israel and in the US, I applaud this new blog. We are indeed experiencing neo-McCarthyism from the watch-dogs of Israeli hasbarah who inflict it on folks like the Refuseniks and their US sponsors. The tragedy of the McCarthy period was that everyone was so terrified by being tarred as a “Red” that people didn’t speak out. It’s exhilarating that the slander, lies, distortions, and robotic intimidation leveled by the Israeli hasbarah machine and its American reps, are being revealed for what they are.

  2. Ellen: Thanks for yr comment. Yr sentiments are much appreciated. I seem to recall yr name fr those days as a journalist though I can’t recall precisely in what reference. My blog (if that’s what you were referring to) is not new.
    It’s now 4 yrs old. Muzzlewatch, the Jewish Voice for Peace blog which also linked to my story, IS a new blog & they are good too.

    You should consider blogging yrself. “Our side” needs all the positive progressive voices on this issue we can muster. What are you doing now after journalism? Speaking of which, I’ve been trying w. so far marginal success of getting The Forward, Jewish Journal, The Nation, or JTA interested in this story. If you have any ideas of how to get the story out there I’d like to hear them.

    UPDATE: JTA just ran a very mini version of the story today. But it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface.

  3. Unfortunately in this day and time anyone who differs – for whatever reason – with the powers that be faces being slandered, misunderstood, and often persecuted. Peace is a noble cause that must be pursued. Don’t back down.

  4. IM Jewish. And I have heard the 2 Combatants for Peace now..3 times. I wanted to hear for myself. I have heard and talked to them. They are nothing but human, nothing but people who are against violence. I find it inhuman and unamerican –and also anto 1st amendment-since in this coutnry people have the freedom of speech, ….that since 2 people are against violence..that they are lied about and smeared. I find it disgusting–as I have found the war on Gaza and its civilians during the past 4 months, a crime…a crime against humanity. That is the truth. And no amount of lying about will will cover it up. Im old enough to have seen vietnam, and I know a lie–and I know when violence and killing is a crime. gaza is a crime…and these 2 gentlemen -are the way to peace. Shalom. Peace.

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