3 thoughts on “Brit Tzedek Calls Israeli Foreign Ministry Report ‘Utter Falsity’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks for alerting me to your post about this matter. Our chapter of Brit Tzedek (the Western Mass. chapter) is meeting tonight; we were already aware of the actions by the LA consul general and BTvS’s reply, but I agree with you that their letter was much too cautious and polite. I’m glad to be able to bring your commentary and the additional details you provided to the meeting with me, so that we can all support one another in confronting those who try to silence dissent. I find this all particularly reprehensible in light of its timing just following the death of Abir Aramin; I wonder whether the consul general would have bothered to do anything were in not for the fact that her death brought a lot of publicity to the group and was, sadly, a most vivid confirmation of what they are saying.

  2. And thanks for the great coverage of the Brit Tzedek event in your area. And also congrats on yr first blogging experience! You did great. I started myself 4 yrs ago & it’s been downhill ever since–no, just kidding!

    I’ve just spoken to a Forward reporter who covered the story of the Union of Progressive Zionists tour in which they hosted Breaking the Silence. There’s also been action fr. LA against UPZ in the form of the local AJCongress director resigning (albeit temporarily) fr. the Israel campus coalition of which it, UPZ & ZOA were part. I’ve asked her to consider following up w. a question asking whether Danoch & the AJC director coordinated their actions in any way. It’s all way too fishy for my taste! Also, trying to interest the L.A. Jewish Journal in covering the story. Maybe I’ll even get some credit for breaking the story.

    The powers that be are running scared for some reason. How else to explain the weird subterfuge & campaign based on innuendo & deceit when they could if they wanted attack us head on & in the open? My guess is that they know it wouldn’t work because most Am Jews would just yawn. So they have to invent wild accusations & coordinate their actions surreptitiously.

    Onward w. yr excellent work!

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