8 thoughts on “Israel’s Economic Strength Rewards Many, Leaves Others Behind – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I never contested the fact that in Israel, like in many modern western economies (even those with strong social safety nets), there is poverty.

    The issue had to go with Israel’s “branding.” And this article is more proof that despite one survey, Israel’s brand is quite strong.

    The next step is to get stronger leaders who will strenghten Israel’s social safety net and make sure that all can enjoy in the prosperity.

  2. In fact, in all yr cheerleading about the Israeli economy you ONLY trumpteted the good news. And when I presented to you the facts of Israeli poverty you very pointedly said nothing in reply. This is the first time you’re acknowleding that such poverty is a less than desirable feature of the Israeli economic “miracle.” Boker tov, as they say in Hebrew.

  3. A few facts sgould be highlighted:
    Many of Israel’s poor are WORKING poor, that is, people who work very hard, often in more than one job, but their wages are so low they live n poverty.
    Many of them are employed through manpower agencies as has become more and more common in Israeli economy over the last few years. In fact many of the lower levels in Israels govermental and municipal jobs are employed in that way.
    Although many of the poor are indeed children from large families (one out of every 3 children lives below the poverty line), many poor children come davka from small young families, especially many FIRST children are poor (data presented yesterday by Tamar Gozansky, Ben Gurion University lecturer today, on Galey Zahal radio).
    This tendency will get worse, as unemployment payments will be cut by 25% for the under 28 year olds, according to the new budget.
    In fact in the new budget there is NOTHING , zil, zero to deal with children’s poverty.
    So those of you who want to talk about Israel’s wonderful economy, its “brand” so to speak, are doing a crime by 1 out of every 3 Israeli children.
    “Brand” , try to convince a hungry child of “brand”.

  4. I was listening to a show on Air America a couple of months ago – and wish I had taken notes (although I was driving – would have been a tad difficult 🙂 )

    Anyway – they were quoting a book about the involvment of notable American neo-cons (Perle, Wolfowitz, Kirkpatrick, etc) – who have been very active in Israeli politics, particularly associating with Netanyahu in trying to completely counter the historic trend of socialist economic policies… We are clearly seeing the results

  5. Your facts state better than any argument I could make why the zionist entity should be eliminated. The zionist entity preys on the elderly and oppresses the Palestinians, and I cannot think of anything it does right. Even if the zionist entity were replaced by another Rwanda, it would be a vast improvement

  6. What a poor, twisted soul our “Bogdan” is. Actually, he’s not Bogdan at all. He (or she) is a student at Emory University. Probably taking his first few Jewish history courses and so learning about that great, evil 17th century anti-Semite Cossack leader, Bogdan Chmielnicki. So he thought it’d be a lark to try to slip by this fraudulent comment. Either he’s really an immature college student who somehow thought this was funny. Or he’s testing my knowledge of Jewish history to tell whether I can detect his little shenanigan.

    I’ve got news a-hole. You’ve been nailed.

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