2 thoughts on “Dems Sweep With Allen Concession – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m quite sure your tears of joy will become those of sadness, as the do-nothing democrats make concessions to the terrorists, labor unions, lawyers, special interest groups and every other hand-out-artist waiting in line to get their “fair” share. Now, all that’s left to do is elect an equally inept democrat to the nation’s highest office. Okay, boys and girls, crawl under your desk and get in the fetal position and be safe. There is a God in heaven, but HE sits there and laughs while you pound your spears into plowshares. History has shown that those who do end up plowing for those who keep their spears. Enjoy your “hollow” victory.

  2. I love people like you who are deluded enough to believe that the Dems have the market cornered on special interests. I mean, it’s preposterous to think that Republicans would make any concessions to the neocons, K Street Abramoff lobbyist/swindlers, Halliburton/Bechtel fleecers, oil company profiteers and every other corporate “hand-out-artist waiting in line to get their “fair” share”–right??

    As for electing an “equally inept Democrat [remember we capitalize the word] to the nation’s highest office,” well, you Repubs have set the bar so low on that score for the past 6 yrs. that any Dem who gets elected can only go upward from where we are now.

    There is a God in heaven, but HE sits there and laughs while you pound your spears into plowshares

    Well, my God doesn’t laugh at peacemakers. If your God does then he’s not my God and probably not even A God. I’d say he’s a pagan god of war. My tradition says: “Who is mighty? He who controls his power.” That’s what my God believes. Your god believes: “Who is mighty? He who wields power to subjugate his foes, real or imaginary.”

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