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  1. What’s sad is – Americans should be as (or more ) concerned about the war in Iraq, the loss of our civil liberties, etc etc as a sex scandal (although clearly this is just another symptom of an amazingly corrupt system).

    What concerns me most about this – CREW forwarded a copy of those email to the FBI last February and they never did even a preliminary investigation. The only believable explaination is some political operative quashed an investigation.

    When news came out the Bill Clinton had a consensual affair with an adult women – we heard nothing else from the news media for many months. Many of the same Republicans who voted to impeach Clinton for lying about it (we were told over and over again – it was the lie, not the act) clearly were now involved in a coverup.

    Denny Hastert was a former high school teacher and sports coach. I can’t believe that he wouldn’t know the warning signs of a sexual predator – and those early emails he now admits having been given copies of – can AT BEST be described as something warranting further investigation. The fact that they were withheld from the Democratic representative of the Page oversight comittee (or whtaever it’s called) shows clear evidence of a coverup.

    There’s no doubt that the Republican party cares more about retaining power than protecting minor children in their care.

    How any decent person can vote in any way to allow this party to retain its power in November boggles the mind.

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