3 thoughts on “Former CIA Agent: ‘Bush Plans to Attack Iran After November Elections’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Sadly Rumsfeld as Slim Pickens is not a joke – as so well discussed by Digsby extensively and very convincingly on his blog.

    The Cheney Administrations clearest goal is to transform the view of America that 90 percent of Americans held. Values held since the founding fathers formed this nation that lead to belief that things like torture and wiretapping without warrants are against the very fabric of what this nation stands for.

    The neo-cons abhor the concept that a nuke is any different from any weapon and that they shouldn’t be used with inpunity. This they want to change – and Iran is where they want to change it. Iran is triple the size of Iraq with a much better equiped and larger military. We clearly don’t have enough troops in Iraq – so how do you carry about a military operation without more troops?

    Simple:: Nuke ’em!

    The neo-cons seemed to have bought into the philosophy of 1920’s military theoretician Guilio Douhet who believed that carpet bombing of civilian urban areas would shatter civilian morale and cause them to push their governments to surrender. Despite the fact that every war since WW2 has proven the opposite (so well displayed by the North Viet Namese)

    Most people in this country (the world) who haven’t “Drank the Kool-aid” of the neo-cons know what would happen if Iran is conventionally bombed by the US

    But a nuclear attack? The world will rally against us like they did for us after 9/11. I can’t think of a worse disaster.

    The Democrats are morons for not running on this. Raise the nuclear issue now. Force the Cheney administration to rebuke it (which I doubt they would) – or be forced to deny it in twisted complicated language.

    This would force the terms of debate on Democrats terms. Which is what Rove does so well. I don’t understand why the Dem’s are afraid of it.

  2. I’m not sure if the problem is on my end (one of my consulting clients modified my laptop and I need to re-image it – but that requires mailing it Corporate in Minneapolis which I am reluctant to do) – but I can’t search the archives – I hope to get this figured out one of these days and will post the link.

    Much of it it based on Sy Hersh’s articles (I believe there were two) in New Yorker about the Cheney administrations nuclear ambitions.

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