6 thoughts on “Chiah Massacre, Highest Death Toll of Lebanon War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Dear Mr. Silverstien;

    I am writing you this short letter to thank you for your efforts to concile the hearts minds of the Arabs and the Jews. I would also like to thanks you for your objective wirintg, knowing how hard it must be for you to denounce the actions of a government that you physically belong to (the USA), and one that you morally belong to (Israel).

    I really wish more pople would find, both, the courage, and the moral wisdom to look at any crisis in the world with such objectivness and fairness.

    Mr. Silverstien, if ever you happen to be in Beirut, I would be very honoured to meet you and give you the grand tour as a guest to myself and my family.

    Best regards

    Nawar Hage

  2. P.S. If ever you want verification on info from Lebanese Bloggers, do refer to following sites:

    http://www.tayyar.org (follows Michel Aoun)
    naharnet.url (follows 14 March group)
    An Nahar.url
    Aljazeera (typical Arab Media)

  3. Nawar: Thank you for yr gracious invitation. I hope one day to be able to take you up on that wonderful offer. I’ve read often about the wonderful hospitality offered by Beirutis. My only wish is that your city and nation can one day soon return to the vibrancy you enjoyed before this disaster struck.

    Pls. let your fellow Beirutis know about my new peace blog aggregator, Israel Palestine Blogs, featuring 35 Lebanese, Israeli, Palestinian & Jewish & Arab Diaspora blogs devoted to the Israeli Arab conflict.

    And thank you for those other links which I will check out. I knew about Naharnet & Aljazeera.

  4. I stumbled upon your blog from a friend, and I am impressed.

    Your entries have a sensibility to them that many Jewish people have foolishly gotten away from.

    Keep working for justice.

    p.s. Do you know of any Yiddish programs in Baltimore?

  5. Hi Richard, I was just browsing the net with no success of finding a site that concentrates the current death toll on both sides. Obvisouly it’s one of the major issues of the war, and all sides are publishing numbers according to their interests, but I was hopefull to find some half reliable source for it.

    Keep up the good work, you’re high up on the goolge search, and that means good PR for the fading humanist cause.



  6. Yoav: Always good to hear from folks in Israel esp. those who understand the damage this war is doing to Israel in particular. Pls. keep up the good fight for what is right & just for both sides.

    If you come across any Hebrew language peace blogs pls. let me know for my Israel Palestine Blogs aggregator.

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