7 thoughts on “Maryscott O’Connor Is Tired of the Cult of Kos Too – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is one of the reasons why the Right and the Republicans control almost every single apparatus of power in this country. They march in lockstep – won’t criticize even the most extreme offenders (Ann Coulter and the like) – but the Left and the Democrats constantly attack their own at the slightest provocation.

    Sad to see to so many behaving like the Lieberman they so despise…

  2. I’m sorry that your diary started a frenzy and that so few people stuck up for you. If I had someplace where I could have defended you, I would have. It’s really quite simple: people who have integrity understand what they have to do to maintain it. They don’t cut corners. They don’t hide the facts. They keep it simple and truthful. On one level, I’m astonished that your diary and subsequent posts caused such huge fallout. Any objective reading of what you wrote makes it clear that you’re not asking anything new of others. You’re just asking that we all conform to a standard we all supposedly agree on in theory. May you have the strength to continue.

  3. Well Sir while I doubt there would be even one issue that I would agree with you on I believe you to be a man of integrity and honor you just some how got off in the wrong direction in your life. You remind me of a very good friend of mine that is a lawyer that I love to talk with but is badly misguided when it comes to politics and the direction and policy of our nation. I have read Mary Scotts blog for several months now and I believe her to be like you a person of honor and integrity as well just so far off the left spectrum that she will be faced with constant political disappointment because America is not aligned with the far left. I do believe that we have some common ground I like you believe that political blogs should be transparent and should reveal any income derived from politicians. I also think if you get the attention your blog and Mary Scots will do as well as Kos I think a lot of his hits are people like me that want to gaze at the train wreck. I am more than sure Kos will eventually implode I believe that the powers that be do not have your or Mary Scotts sincere values honesty and common decency. It is really a colony of cowards that fear real debate of issues in my opinion because they know that they cannot win in the public arena. I will continue to read your post because though wrong you are honest and I could imagine we could find some common ground in restoring civility to the political world.

  4. This is one of the primary reasons I avoid Daily Kos. Most of the posts and comments devolve into a fight, with insults being hurled irresponsibly. Your post was measured, and thoughtful. I can’t understand why supposedly reasonable, mature adults would behave this way and attack you.

    Mary Scott O’Connor’s post, which I read at MLW, was equally appropriate in her defense of you. Still, there was a level of nastiness I don’t usually see at MLW. And I agree with Dan Sniderman’s comment. The Right does manage to keep everyone in lock-step and on point.

  5. DivaJood:

    Still, there was a level of nastiness I don’t usually see at MLW.

    The nasty ones prob. read her diary at DKos (she’d cross-posted her own blog post there) & migrated over to MLW to leave their turds at her doorstep.

  6. One other thing when the smoke clears it will be people like you and Mary Scott that will emerge with credibility.

  7. Jack Hamilton:

    though wrong you are honest and I could imagine we could find some common ground in restoring civility to the political world.

    Thank you, my friend (if I may call you that). I appreciate that though we may disagree about politics we still recognize we are both human beings.

    I get a lot of ‘dirt’ dropped at my doorstep here in comment threads from conservatives so I can’t tell you how pleasing it is to meet an honorable person of that persuasion.

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