1 thought on “Hamas Marks Eve of Israeli Elections With Words Rather Than Bombs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Lots of talk among the trees. Maybe we should step out and look at the forest from a little way off. Briefly and two points. 1. Partition by the UN. Now there’s a contemplation. India was also partitioned -Pakistan and Bangladesh. So Bangladesh revolted against Pakistan and is now an independent nation. Bangladesh is too poor to make any more trouble-but Pakistan and India now are part of the nuclear community and maintain military forces against each other. Israel and Palestine. Not a day’s peace since partition. Then there are the voluntary break-aways of the former USSR. Other pieces want to break away but are militarily stopped from doing so. It seems there’s a real problem with drawing lines in the sand- Africa, Middle East, Russia, Ireland. So how did it work in Europe?
    It seems constant wars resolved the issue. Great numbers of people were killed, whole tribes were wiped out and/or integrated into other groups. But erased as identifiable identities. Is this the inexorable pattern? Of course today we have our technology for mass wipe-out. So maybe the inevitable course of history will speed up. What is certain is that partition does not work. All the political posturing is without merit.
    2. The marvelous US support of Israel. Somebody has got to be kidding. In a nutshell- Christ will make his second coming after the Israelis and Moslems kill each other in the last war-Armageddon. The last few Jews standing will then convert to Christianity and everybody is lifted up in the rapture. This is the position of the US and the reason for the total support for the Jews. All the rest is sugar coating for the blind and deaf. If those in the US power halls would believe the Jews would tell them Christ is not and never will be an option, Israel and the so-called powerful Jewish lobby can kiss themselves off. For reminders, Ron Reagan was also intensely religious, but very discreet.
    Solutions? No partition, no wall, no obliteration -just integration. Whichever which way.
    Don’t push below the level of consciousness that the US is rascist and Christian. Jew, Moslem, Hispanic, African-American- Brown people and semites just aren’t part of the right classes. The US is not a player for peace. The power players are mesmerized by their arsenal of 2000+lb. bombs and all the toys they can play with. The US represents a real danger on the world scene.
    So bring on the peace makers, the mediators, the citizens in dialogue. Will people die during the effort? Sure. Will more people die if there is no effort? Oh yes, yes indeed. So what do you want to die for is the real question. But history is writ large and clear-we die warring, and we will die trying to live in peace. As a post script, we really don’t have to love each other to live in peace.And we don’t have to admire the other guy’s culture or way fo thinking. It’s just like marriage. So when do we have the world wide call for volunteers and peace sessions? I’m not suggesting we try this in the Sudan,Zimbabwe or North Korea. Futility is not the end game for 50 years of negotiating for peace.

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