5 thoughts on “Senior Kadima Security Official Calls for Killing of Hamas Legislative Leader – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. All Dichter said was that if they shoot Israelis then the Israelis will shoot back, and do it effectively. It’s called deterrence and is a proven method of preserving the PEACE.

  2. I don’t see a lot of peace being preserved in Israel and Palestine. Especially with the concept of “firing back”. NPR did a decent job covering the Katusha attacks from Gaza to southern Israel. Palestinian militants have upped the level of rocket attacks and the IDF has responded with very heavy barrage attacks. The Israeli family’s were almost as disturbed by the Israeli barrage as the rockets. The “firing back” certainly hasn’t brought ANY peace – both figuratively and literally.

    Speaking from the position of the American Jewish Left – I don’t think any of us deny the need for self-defense and sensible security.

    But the cycle of violence has continued unabated for over fifty years. Attack, reprisal, attack, reprisal. Both sides look at the other as the instigator.

    You can talk about justification, and from a certain point of view I respect (but disagree with) even justice. But it’s delusional to believe that this behavior will lead to peace.

  3. Yeah that’s been working out real well.

    That deterrence you speak of works both ways. These statements may be election year posturing but its a little irrational to make threats, ones that are legitimized by past actions, against a democratically elected government and not expect them to feel as though they need to defend themselves as well.

    From the BBC:
    “Mr Mofaz’s comments came a day after two Islamic Jihad militants and three other Palestinians were killed in an Israeli air strike on a car in Gaza City.”

    Can someone please point me to the Palestinian act of violence that prompted this action? Considering HAMAS has observed a ceasefire over the last year it seems downright idiotic to give them justification to start new attacks. Or is that the problem? Not enough blood spilt lately for right-wing politicians to make hay over? Assholes.

  4. Elemental: I think what the Israelis would say is they’re targeting Islamic Jihad militants & not Hamas for execution. Since IJ hasn’t accepted the ceasefire & continues attacks against Israel unabated, Israel feels their operatives are a legitimate target.

  5. FredW: You poor deluded soul! Hamas is observing a ceasefire with Israel. It has not engaged in terror attacks in a year. It has never indicated that it would resume terror attacks. So there was no reason other than political grandstanding during an election campaign (in which the bellicose Likud is their chief worry) to issue threats to Hamas about resuming terror.

    Israel didn’t merely say it would “shoot back.” It said it would assassinate Hamas’ top elected political leader. Do you understand the difference?

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