3 thoughts on ““Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards” Sponsor Calls Results “Irrelevant” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Are you for real? I have told you countless times the purpose of the awards. It is in the rules. There is nothing to hide, or be ashamed of.

    You are boring the socks of everyone with these posts, and the fact that you left that comment at my site, replete with a hyperlink to here, reinforces my view that you are all about getting attention. Well guess what? I am bored with this game, and your obsession with the JIBs.

    BTW, feel free to retract your allegation that I was somehow “bought” by LGF, or provide evidence so as to salvage the little credibility you may have left.

  2. I just like getting you all riled up & it’s so easy to do.

    Talk about repeating yourself endlessly. This is your 11th JIBA-related comment here & you haven’t raised a new idea since about comment #2.

    I’m glad you admit that JIBA has a political agenda. You’ve stated before that it has no agenda and that there is no slant or bias in its purpose. Unless, that is, you view holding a pro-Israel blog competition as having no bias. That would be rich, but I wouldn’t put it past you to believe that contradiction.

    “Getting attention?” You’re the one who’s “getting attention.” Tell me how many different links to your blog are there at the J. Post site? Not to mention that the JIBA logo, displayed at every JIBA nominee site, lists your blog’s URL. And you begrudge me my David-like attempts to take on the Goliath of “Pro-Israel” blogging. Let me make clear that I don’t begrudge you getting attention for your blog through JIBA. You started it, you deserve something from it. But to whine about others being so trashy as to be trying to get attention for their blog is preposterous.

    LGF didn’t have to “buy” you. You were already bought–that is, bought into the whole pro-Israel political network. All your ‘friends’ are there from Pajamas and elsewhere in the right-wing blogosphere: Solomonia, Atlas Shrugged, Cox & Forkum, Little Green Footballs, Power Line, Protein Wisdom, Roger L. Simon. Must be just like old home week for you guys in the Land of True Believers.

  3. He’s a tetchy one that Aussie Dave….

    How can a man state there is no agenda or bias and then claim that winning doesn’t matter……..it’s the message (Israel can do no wrong advocacy) the contest puts out is the most important. If that isn’t an agenda I don’t know what is.

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