3 thoughts on “Jose Padilla and Bush’s Failed End-Around the Constitution – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Another Times article notes that the government turned away from trying Padilla as an enemy combatant because its two main witnesses had been tortured in secret CIA prisons overseas. Justice did not think U.S. courts (and specifically the Supreme Court) would look kindly on evidence gained through torture.

    All of the above describes the gradual dismantling of Bush’s legal approaches to fighting terror. And we should only expect such a dissolution to continue.

    So you seem kind of glad Padilla is going to get away. Another words, we know he is a terrorist who has tried and plotted to kill Americans, but it’s great that he’s getting away bcs 1) it’s ‘proving the failure’ of the Bush team’s war on terror and 2) you feel the Constiution was circumvented. So it’s a good thing that he get away.

    This would be akin to cheering for OJ getting off bcs one of the cops investigating him brutally killing 2 people was a racist.

    And the ‘harassment’ of Arab Americans in airports is bogus, I fly quite a bit and it’s nothing but being overblown by leftists like you who eagerly compare anything to the Japanese being interned.

    Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this overreaction so similar to what you claim and complain about with groups like the ADL? However, in your case it’s nor melodramatics though, correct?

  2. He’s not “getting away.” If you’d read the article I linked to in the NYT then you’d know he’s going to be prosecuted for similar crimes. But he will be prosecuted in a regular (constitutional) court under regular rules of jurisprudence.

    If the Bush Administration decided that the constitution was a document worth honoring they could arrest, try & imprison terrorists using the same courts which have satisfied our needs for 235 yrs. But these prisons & our legal system are not convenient to Bush therefore he creates monstrous non-constitutional systems which only he (& his supporters) respect (but not the courts & not most Americans & certainly not most of the rest of the world).

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