1 thought on “TimesSelect and Its Impact on Blogs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think the times select move is a blunder on their part. I completely agree with a link referral arrangement that would reward bloggers that send people to NYT site, especially pages that they are charging admission to.

    However, I think the Times, Friedman, Dowd and co. have us hoodwinked. We see them as way “up there” and bloggers “way down here”.

    The world is flat after all. Five years from now, or less, we will all be informing each other of world, national, regional, local events.

    I am resisting signing up for times select. I would rather read what fellow citizens are experiencing and hear what they have to say then pay to hear pundits. Interesting when free, worth purchasing at the local newstand occassionally, but to read online when so many other options exists, also at ones fingertips, not really.

    Had the price been 8.95 per year it would be pretty much a no brainer, but for 50 bucks I’m not too interested. I’m looking for someone who will repost the articles and make them available for free.

    That would be a good blog.

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