6 thoughts on “Watch the Israeli Right Eat Itself! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Can we stop bickering about matters abroad long enough to look at matters here? Our current pressing need is relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Immediate social action is needed: refugees from the drowned city need places to stay for the next six weeks, along with food, water, and schooling. Everyone should see how they and their community can help.

  2. Look, just because 90% of the U.S. blogosphere is talking about Katrina doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to. If Richard wants to talk about something else, that’s his right. Besides, I’ve been reading so much about Katrina in the newspapers and hearing so much about it on NPR, that reading about something else is a good diversion, a reminder that there IS a world outside our borders. So take that holier-than-thou attitude someplace else, OK?

  3. I would expect that Richard has nothing but compassion for the victims of Katrina. “Bickering” is not at all what he was doing here, either. Maybe there was a little Schadenfreude, but nothing nearly as bitter as the currency of punditry.

    The beautiful thing about the realm of blogging is that people can talk about what’s important or interesting to them. They set the agenda, rather than a blood-leads-first tv producer. If a blogger doesn’t want to talk about the same thing at the top of the list of the mainstream news agenda, more power to them.

    I have a feeling I’ll be blogging about something unrelated to Katrina tonight.

  4. Amen to that. Case in point: on Monday, as Katrina was bearing down on Louisiana and threatening to flatten the Gulf Coast, both Honolulu newspapers decided that that didn’t trump the real news story of the day…the world champion West Oahu Little Leaguers coming home to a hero’s welcome. We all have priorities, after all. Bad news need not trump good.

  5. Hi Guys
    I’m an Israeli so have some opinions on this subject. Also can appreciate Keith’s interest; I’m stoked that Israel is close to getting into the World Cup! But back to Likud, the party I was registered with in two elections, then switched, no, not to Labor, but a nationalistic coaltion party. Netanyahu is a wonderful SPOKESMAN to English-speakers. Though I voted for him in the past, I think his ego is over the top. The country is NOT going to dispose of Sharon. I have to say, those of us who elected him found him disappointingly moderate, as his campaign rhetoric was very aggressive.
    Bros, have ANY of you ever met an Arab who lives in the MIddle East (actually I prefer to call it western Asia) and ASKED them WHAT they mean when they say ‘peace?’ They mean NO JEWS OR WESTERNERS IN THE AREA. Compromise is not part of their ‘raid and take’ beduin mentality. Oh, I know that’s not politically correct, that’s why I moved to Israel! Since we started moving back there, on purchased land, in the 1890’s we always were willing to co-exist with them, but the feeling ain’t mutual.

  6. Where to start w. a comment like this one? First, Netanyahu is a political goon who has come to represent Likud’s most extreme wing. His main political purpose is to serve as ‘Mr. Nyet’ to Sharon’s slightly more malleable positions.

    Laurel’s views of Arabs are of course as racist as they come & she recognizes this herself but feels no compunctions about her views. She seems to feel that in Israel it is normal and acceptable to hold such twisted views. And perhaps she’s right (at least in certain wide circles). And that is part of the tragedy that is the Middle East.

    Needless to say, she knows nothing about Arabs. Have you ever met a single Arab, Laurel? Have you ever had a conversation with one about the subject you claim to know so much about: their views of ‘peace’?

    You know that as long as the Laurels of Israel represent a majority (& they probably do at present) there can never be peace.

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