7 thoughts on “Bush Attempts to Stem Growing Tide of Opposition to War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Sure it’s different. We could – albeit at great moral cost – lose Vietnam and still win the Cold War. We can’t lose Iraq and win the War on Terror. You can check out my blog for details. (Start with the June 2004 entry.)

  2. We can’t lose Iraq and win the War on Terror.

    This is a preposterous statement. In fact, BECAUSE we are pursuing a chimerical war in Iraq this could cause us to lose the War on Terror. Without the Iraq war we certainly had a much better chance to win the War on Terror much sooner.

    There were terror demons let loose in the world before our invasion of Iraq, but nothing like those that exist now thanks to the hundreds of thousands of enemies we’ve created both in Iraq & throughout the Arab world.

    And guess what, fella…we’re losing the war in Iraq and there’s no way we can win it. Even if you dispute the notion that we’re losing the war, no one–not even the most Pollyana of Pollyanas can say we’re winning it (except perhaps Don Rumsfeld, George Bush & Dick Cheney but their delusions know no bounds).

  3. “There were terror demons let loose in the world before our invasion of Iraq, but nothing like those that exist now thanks to the hundreds of thousands of enemies we’ve created both in Iraq & throughout the Arab world.”

    Good lord! As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” Just because these things are more prominent in the news doesn’t mean that matters were not worse before the arrival of American troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.

    The judgement that we are “losing the war in Iraq” is certainly premature, if not (in the eyes of U.S. soldiers) demonstrably wrong at this stage. Sure, I know you believe it. But that’s only because you are closing your eyes and ears to a great deal of knowledge, or are putting your faith in the mainstream media.

    Why not come to Washington and attend a few congressional hearings? Observe how the media works, and decide for yourself.

  4. Another thought: intellectuals must always beware of following a line of reasoning without checking their motives as well as their facts. Here, Dr. Sanity can help.

    If a person attaches pride to his/her intellectual honesty of HOW they come to a decision, rather than the decision itself, that removes many blinders.

  5. Ah, it appears Solomon2 is a right-wing D.C. policy wonk which explains much. Lord protect us fr. the DC ideologues! They’re the ones who got us into this mess in the first place. Now they tell us we just have to stay the course & somehow miraculously things will work out, Iraq will be free and terror will be dead. Delusions and lies! And the American people are now beginning to see these pipedreams for what they are–sheer fantasies.

    And you are NOT entitled to quote Pat Moynihan saying I have no facts on my side in saying terrorism has been far worse after 9/11 than before. Because, in fact you quote none to support your own opposite contention. You don’t get a free pass here w/o proving your claims. As far as I’m concerned your claims are empty w/o proof.

    Again, you claim the judgment we are losing the war is “certainly” premature and the only fact you marshall in your support is it isn’t lost “in the eyes of U.S. soldiers.” I wouldn’t say the best judge of whether we’re winning the war is the judgment of the grunts fighting the war. Even then, I’m sure both of us can find equal numbers of line soldiers who’d support each of our perspectives. So you don’t get a pass on this one either & have proven nothing.

    And I certainly don’t need to attend Congressional hearings to know whether or not we’re winning the war. In fact, you’ve attended too many “happy hour” briefings with Don Rumsfeld and his merry band of brother generals & imbibed too much of the happy juice they’re distributing to anyone who’ll listen (& the number keeps shrinking).

    Perhaps, the most important statistic is that a majority of Americans believe that we shouldn’t be in Iraq. Even 53% in the latest poll say Bush should meet w. Cindy Sheehan. You guys are losing the real war AND the propaganda war. But you won’t give up the ship till it goes down w. all hands lost (our fighting boys among them).

  6. Richard, you are resorting to an ad hominem attack: trying to shoot the messenger instead of absorbing the message. Your lack of initiative at discovering the truth points to something worse than sheer laziness; you are too certain of your own convictions to be trusted to reason otherwise when presented with opposing facts.

    Remember, Tikkun Olam? To make the world a better place, you actually have to do something. And KNOW , as best as you can, that what you are doing is making the world a better place. You aren’t doing those things, and you refrain from doing so on purpose! How can you think of yourself as a good person? How do you know that you aren’t actually serving the cause of evil?

  7. Ah, gwon! I asked you to provide proof. You provide none. I know what the “truth” of the war in Iraq is. I don’t have any need to discover your “truth” because it is based on a tissue of lies which you imbibe from the Bushite CoolAid you all drink there in DC.

    No lessons please on Tikun Olam. Killing thousands of Iraqis (civilians & terrorists) along with our own troops while making virtually the entire world unsafe for Americans is NOT my idea of making the world a better place.

    And I’ll be the judge of whether or not I’m making the world a better place and being a good person. You can keep your judgements on those scores to yourself.

    You’ve aired your thoughts quite sufficiently here and have said nothing new. That will be your last comment on this post.

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