6 thoughts on “Typepad to WordPress Blog Conversion: the Good, the Dodgy and the Not So Pretty – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If your new blog has the same domain name as the old typepad one, there’s absolutely no reason why mod_rewrite won’t work — it’s all done on your server. you just need someone to write the rules for you. Unfortunately I can’t help you with that. I’d love to, but I don’t know enough about it. Perhaps you could post the code that’s currently in your htaccess file, so that people who know about these things can diagnose the problem for you?

  2. I had a quick look at your post in the WordPress forum. The code you referred to is for use in a Movable Type/TypePad template, and will generate a htaccess file. You can’t put that code straight into a htaccess file. You’ll need to find someone to help you write the rules — I can do basic redirects, but I’m not good with the syntax, etc, for complex ones.

    But there might be a way to use a plugin. Scott Yang wrote a redirect plugin that I’ve been using without problems. It’s for a different purpose, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be modified by someone with PHP knowledge to do this job as well. I noticed that when people visit the “wrong” URLs, they are parsed by WordPress. A modified version of this plugin would take the bad text and redirect it towards the post. You might be able to ask Mr Yang himself, or perhaps a friendly volunteer will come along?

    Anyway, I hope this is helpful. Sorry I can’t help with the technical side of things.

  3. Thanks, Robert. As you discovered after following my link to support posts, I have asked for help with the problem. Some have tried but nothing’s worked so far.

    The redirect plugin sounds promising, but only if Scott is willing to work with me to modify it for my need. I hope he is because if it does work it would be immensely helpful for any other Typepad users switching over to WP. I think more would if hurdles like this were lowered significantly. And a good plugin would do just that.

    I’ve left a comment for Scott at the URL you linked & look forward to hearing from him.

    I too wish you could help but thanks for doing what you could.

  4. Richard,

    It is all working now. As i expected it was just that the .htaccess files got overwritten. I hope you won’t have the problem again. Please save the .htaccess files that I also emailed you.

    sorry for the inordinate delay.

    (the tex tin the comment entry form is too small for me to see, please excuse any typos 🙂 )

  5. You’ve got to be kidding. How much do you know about other blogging software? I’d guess not very much by the ill-informed comment you left above. For those who’d like to know more about my opinion of Blogger.com, pls. take a look at this post I wrote as a comparative review of Blogger vs. Typepad. I haven’t used blogger in over two years so I suppose it’s possible it’s improved somewhat. But based on its deficiencies then I can’t see how it could improve enough to make it a credible alternative to MT or WordPress, let alone Typepad.

    My advice about blogger.com: stay away.

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