4 thoughts on “Bob Geldof of Live8: Tone Deaf? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. i agree! 2 million tried for tickets…this is not aid this is PINK FLOYD! every other performer can go…THE WIND SCREAMs FLOYD! No one says HEY G8 Summit…it’s HEY PINK FLOYDS PLAYING TOGETHER AGAIN IN LONDON…think they can keep all these fans without tickets at bay? TOO FUNNY !!! see ya on the other SIDE of the FENCE!


  2. Presumably this is an attempt at humor. If so it falls absolutely flat. Oregon completely misses the point of my post. Or maybe he got the point & is trying to razz me. Or maybe he’s trying to make my point by writing satire a la Swift (though I think I give him or her too much credit). Whatever, I think s/he’s made my point about how serious a concert this will be in terms of really raising awareness about Africa.

  3. Absolutely right. Regardless of the sitation, regardless of whatever, to “help Africa” without having African stars there to “help themselves” in self-determination/awareness/insert phrase here is silly at best and patronizing at worst. While I might disagree on a couple of things that LIve8 is doing/not doing (I haven’t heard that they are recommending anything beyond that of “debt relief”; what about ensuring African politicians do not continue the cycle of greed and despotism as much as some would accuse the Western nations inflicting that upon Africa?), I am firmly in belief that to “help” without actually “helping them help themselves” is merely perpetuating a variation of the problem Africa faces – they’re, in a sense, throwing gas into a fire in the hopes that it will burn itself out and thus end.

    Your milage and thoughts may vary on this, but ultimately, I agree with you in that help for Africa without African involvement is a slap to the face of those in need.

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