5 thoughts on “Christian Evangelicals Pump $100-Million into Israeli Settlements – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I have been giving to Rabbi Eckstein’s missions to the people of Israel since the war with Hezbolah. At that time and for the first time in my life I finally knew that the Jewish people were the chosen people of GOD as they have been since GOD made a covenant with Abraham. You see I have been raised in a Christian home, baptised at age 12 into a Southern Baptist church. ( Christians do not become a Christian without excepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour)Ok, so to this I come today and have been on the Jewish board where a person gave me your website. I had asked if Rabbi Eckstein’s mission was a worthy one. They referred me to your site. I never donated not once to change anyone’s idea of how they should believe. I only gave to help the poor or the suffering in Israel. My thoughts were to help, not convert. I leave up to the almighty GOD those who HE will “save” and those HE will not. I also give to the JPS/by Mike Evans. His organization does the same thing for the people of Israel. At least I hope the money I have given has helped the people. I write this to let you know many of us Christians want only to help not to convert. GOD bless you and the state of Israel.

  2. I am sorry to tell you, Beth, that you are NOT helping Israel. I strongly advise you to stop giving to Rabbi Eckstein’s charity. If you want to help Israel you would give through Israeli charities like the New Israel Fund or even the United Jewish Communities who have many projects which are non partisan & non ideological & designed to serve the greatest number of Israelis possible. Right now your gifts go to support a huge overhead and salary for the Rabbi and his staff. They also support right wing political projects like settlements which are a great danger to Israel.

  3. Mr Silverstein. I deeply appreciate your advice. I am truly sorry the money I have given to help those in need in Israel was given to the wrong person/charity. I need the addresses of the groups you have mentioned and will not give to Rabbi Eckstein’s group anymore. I must also tell you that in all of my studies I am not in the transition out of my faith /as I have listened to a Rabbi on tape ( on the Jewish bullentin board) He has made me really think about Jesus in a new light. This is very hard on me, as being a Christian was my life, and I need the assurance of an afterlife and that my GOD will forgive me if I am wrong. I am studying and hope to be a good person, love my fellow citizens of this world. I truly only seek to help, not convert. You see I too am searching for truth myself. By seeking to help the Jewish people, I have discovered many questions of my religious upbringing.
    Please send me the addresses of these organizations to which I can help Israel. May you be blessed. Thank you

  4. Mr Silverstein, I have just found the New Israel Fund site and have added my name to their mailings. Thank you.

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