6 thoughts on “Sopranos‘ Death of Adriana Deeply Disturbing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I actually really liked the episode alot but was bothered by the same thing. I didn’t like the way Tony & Carmela got back together at all… their breakup was so emotional and I really think them getting back together should have had way more emotion. A few weeks ago after they had sex in the pool – I think it would have been better if they started getting back together then and then the property to develop just sort of made it happen faster. As for killing Adriana, like you I thought it was way too fast… I wanted to see a little shit go down with the FBI and all before the got rid of her but I guess they were trying to stay true to the way things really happen.

  2. I was flabbergasted. For a moment there they made it look as if she had gotten in her car, suitcase in tow and had left alone. I’ve read on the web that some think she has not been killed at all. Wishful thinking?

  3. –> Tony’s ‘promise’ to remain faithful drips of insincerity…

    indeed he says to carmela “I swear to you on our children that my midlife crisis problem will no longer intrude on you anymore”. What is he saying after all, that he will stop having goomahs, or that they would just stop calling at the house?

  4. Frankly i wish adriana had committed suicide. it would have given her more honor. i fucking cried when she got killed. ugh

  5. I agree with a lot of what you posted. But as far as Tony moving back in, you have to interpret what he says. He never said he wouldn’t cheat on Carmella again; he implied his infidelities would not intrude on their home again. Big difference.

  6. Wow where have I been. Missed all the hype when the show ran on HBO. I got hooked with my free membership to Amazon.
    The scene where Ade tells Christopher is a very powerful and moving piece of film work. Even though Christopher almost chokes the life out of Adrianna I felt a deep feeling of sorrow for both of them. Of course Chris backs off and both fall apart together. This scene brought back memories of my divorce and mine and my wife emotional break down when we new it was over.
    As for the epiphany where chris is at the gas station. There is only one conclusion. Chris is far more loyal to the family then Adrianna. Her betrayal to the FBI no matter the reason went off the reservation and broke the most scared vow.
    Snitches will not be tolerated no matter how beloved by characters or audience. I only wish they would have made her death a little more dignified . They could have at least let her go down shooting and wounding Sil.

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