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  1. Hmmmm, isn’t the Mozilla 1.x train a released ‘product’?

    Did you try this just with Firefox (which I use) or also with Mozilla 1.7 or whatever they are up to now? Firefox 0.8 is pretty much the same code as, I think, Mozilla 1.5 so they should work the same.

    I’m suspecting that Adsense uses non-standard (read proprietary to IE) code. Perhaps those google geniuses are not so bright afterall.

    Oh well, I’m thinking of adding adsense to my blog so I’ll remember to crank up IE for the task.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. I had been trying to set up Adsense on Firebird and was going nowhere. I googled to look for help and came across your post which was a godsend!

    I switched to IE and was able to set up Adsense in a few minutes.


  3. The Mozilla forum suggests wiping out the cookie cache (who wants to do that). This solution worked for at least one Mozilla user. I’d rather get it running on IE & then switch back to Mozilla, rather than clear out my entire cookie inventory & have to reproduce it manually.

  4. I tried viewing my site on Mozilla browser only to find out my adsense does not appear. methink Mozilla does not support the adsense codes.

  5. Awele: No, Adsense works with Firefox so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work w. Mozilla. You can see my adsense ads on this pg. & I view them with Firefox.

    If you’re still having problems you should post to the Mozilla forum about it & I’m sure someone will try to help you.

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