4 thoughts on “Ford’s Escape Hybrid SUV and Sham “Green” Marketing Campaign – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Would you rather me drive a Hummer??? Who listens to advertising to make an auto purchase anyway, not me.

  2. I just bought one and I might not be perfect – perfect enought to drive an insight or whatever else I believe your suggesting here but I do believe ford by being first to market with a “FULL” hybrid is not “sham”.

    I get the point this is not perfect and everyone should get rid of thier SUV’s or whatever else but dont you think they should get any credit for doing this ?

    I’m not a ford fan as per sae, I would have bought whatever larger vechicle had the best mileage and also satisfied my transportation requirements. Perhaps after I get the car I wont be so inspired but I have been waiting for almost a year.

    anyway I’m inclined to support whatever efforts are made to reduce fossil fuel consumption the motives disinterest me. If enought people demand them – I’m sure they will make them. If they make a bunch of gass guzzeling trucks – like you I say shame on them… but unlike you (I’m speculating here) – it’s really shame on me.

    Dismounting soapbox.


  3. I thought I’d do the right thing for the planet and buy a Civic. But then I realized that I had to leave one of the kids at home all the time so I bought another one so my wife and two kids could follow me and the other two around. Now we burn more gas than if we drove one Suburban. Maybe SUV’s ARE the right/only choice for some. Of course I’m being sarcastic. But I don’t get all the animosity toward SUV’s. Of course they are the wrong choice for a lot of people but there are also a lot of people who move big families or equipment or tow boats for whom an SUV is actually the most economical choice. I personally have a full size pickup. Do I really need one? About 10% of the time I do. I move a lot of hardware, furniture, tools, lawn equipment, and tow stuff for work and recreation. Am I supposed to own a four banger and a truck just in order to burn less gas? How do I afford both payments or the insurance or depreciation and maintenance? In the face of these considerations, a little extra gas is cheap. Where would I park the extra vehicle? Should I use some of Earth’s resourses to add on to my garage so I can park it? What about the energy and resourses used to create the unnecessary car? That is not an attractive solution for anybody but the auto manufacturers.

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